Let the Light In!

What am I experiencing and seeing this morning? Oh my! In His presence and watching Prophet Robin Bullock again at the Gathering of Tribal Nations Conference in Window Rock AZ…and I keep watching and listening to it on YouTube over and over again since coming back from there this past weekend. I am not the same and I will never be the same!!! It was sooooo powerful!!!

Compliments of Dan Slade/Unsplash

This is the famous Window Rock on the Navajo Reservation. After the event, my friends and I toured this beautiful place. I just wanted to share the photo of what it looks like; so beautiful!!!

Anyway, on the lines of what I want to share today I just want to say that after watching this and without my choosing, a broadcast of the late Prophet Kim Clement came on from Jan. 24th, 2015 and it just fit into what I have been experiencing… and as I’m still in the blessed and glorious presence of the Lord I’m seeing myself before the throne of Grace; at the same time I’m thinking about what I can bring in prayer before Him concerning my Nation…the USA. The Father, Ancient of Days is waiting for me to speak, to ask…since He “knows” before I say a word, and my thinking is based on something I just heard the other day about the state of the body of Christ that troubles me.

I’m asking the Holy Spirit, since I pray by this principle; “Open your mouth wide and I will fill it.” and my desire is what He wants, so I ask for precision and clarity in Christ’s body and add peace~His shalom, to think clearly, precisely and accurately. I’m praying; speaking along these lines and Holy Spirit gives me this word-coalesce. (it means to grow together or into one body, to unite so as to form one mass; community, or to blend or come together) I can see the strategy He wants! So I formulated my prayer as to what I was shown and backed it with His word, Amen!

I’m seeing our Nation/America in such a state of disunity and strife but what the worst part of this state of affairs is; it’s worse in the Body of Christ, the body of Believers in Jesus! This isn’t good. What is that saying to the world? This just cannot continue because a house divided against itself cannot stand! And this is happening in individuals, peoples and Nations. God looks for those in His body who agree with His word. “The eyes of the Lord go to and fro over all the earth, that He might prove Himself strong on behalf of those whose hearts are perfect toward Him.” To be that way means that we are paying attention to “how” we are walking and talking before Him. But the good news is that we can change!!!

It’s not too late to consider our ways; especially now. I hear the words grace & mercy. I believe that this is being extended to us right now…also the word justice. I also believe that we are being humbled and disciplined too and we cannot take this lightly. It doesn’t mean that we are being condemned but if we would receive it we are being “convicted” of the Holy Ghost so we can make those necessary changes with His help. I don’t know about you but I would rather agree with Him and take my medicine than to “be” condemned with the world.

Jesus said His words are Spirit and His words are life! I would rather choose that than follow the ways of the worlds carnal system, wouldn’t you? According to His word we are to be living by every word that proceeds out of His mouth…He’s still speaking…individually and collectively and in so many ways right now. Are we listening and are we “hearing” what He’s saying? It’s important to be agreeing and speaking His words; why? He said that life and death are in the power of the tongue and we receive that either way by what we say. I don’t want to be speaking words that are contrary, negative, causing strife, contention, etc. because I know that this is how the enemy of our souls gains inroads against us. I’m more conscious now of what I’m saying…even more…what I’m thinking than ever before in my life and I think the Holy Spirit is shining a light on this area of my life; ouch!!! but it is so necessary though painful to see it and how damaging it is and has been and He is gracious enough to tell me what’s lurking there….ew! What helps me even more is the fact that I do not desire in any manner to let the enemy find fleshhooks that he can grab and make those inroads in my life without me even knowing about it. That ticks me off!!! And; get this, if you don’t know it already….he; that slimeball, would have the legal right to harrass me also. I don’t want to experience unnecessary warfare or harassment. I’m sure you don’t either because hasn’t he already had a heyday in our lives? The devil is “as” a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour; I don’t want to be devourable, right? (is that even a word) LOL!

I just want to let the LIGHT in! Pull back the curtains, open up the windows; let the staleness, mustiness, dust….out…open up the doors; drive the devils out, don’t you??? Oh let the refreshing rain of the Holy Ghost fall!!! If we would judge ourselves then we won’t be judged; that’s in the word of God. Our flesh man doesn’t like it but as Believers in Christ we are to live from our spirit-man because we have been made new in our spirits…oh Hallelujah!!! I don’t care if my flesh-man doesn’t like it; too bad! I have learned that the new man that I am in my spirit has all authority over the enemy but I will lack the power to use it if I allow my flesh-man and it’s proclivities to let “sin” and yes, that’s what it is, to reign in my life. I have learned that I don’t have to let it because the Greater One lives in me now. This is such good news!!! The Holy Spirit is the One who raised Christ from the dead and He has all the power I need but I am responsible to choose life. Yay!!! I can say NO to the world system, the flesh (mine) and the devil with the help of the Holy Spirit! This isn’t new revelation but to me personally I’m understanding it much more clearly in application besides getting a review of truths I cut my spiritual teeth on. It feels like I grew another 5 inches….in my spirit…if that is possible and I’m standing taller against the evil one. (I’m looking for an appropriate picture here)

Unsplash image

Love the picture!!! It’s how I’m feeling!!! Bursts of His HOPE comes through me now and I realize the greatness…again…of my salvation, zoe’ life and all that Jesus came to give me and that gives me courage to stand! I am willing to change and become all He wants me to be and not miss out on a thing. This is no longer on academic levels but in tried and true “relationship” with Him; the Royal Three in One. I may have begun purely academically but no more-He’s my LIFE, MY LOVE and MY FRIEND! I could not live without HIM….gotta have HIS presence and I’m closer now to having it totally in HIS GLORY forever!!!

So how do I close this…on a happy but truthful note! Let us walk in love! Love like He does with tender hearts and taking no offense and giving none either if we can help it. Let’s get along and treat each other with dignity and honor, as that is Heaven culture…why not get used to it down here in the good, bad and ugly and occupy till Jesus comes, right??? And be doers of the word and not hearers only; our Heavenly Father will be so pleased to see us, His children, walking this way and He will receive the glory, honor and praise due Him. Let’s formulate a prayer for one another all over the world with that coalesce word that means so much at this time. And thank you Jesus for making it possible to live like this!!!

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Note; I deliberately didn’t put chapter and verse so you my Friends could do your own searching and be blessed by what our Father shows “you” personally!

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I couldn’t resist this one since it’s about their future!!!