Spending Time With the Father

I said I would be back and so here I am. I just re-read the post I did about being “inspired.” And as I went over what He just gave me, this just seems almost seamless, but I didn’t quite get what He was saying; now I do.

So I must write from what I see now:  I am not living in earthly dimensions any more! (Please understand where I am coming from. I am not saying that I have arrived, I don’t have problems, etc.) but what I am saying is I did step into another dimension and it is not my work at all, this is definitely a “work” of the Holy Spirit to take me to a place I have never been but I do understand that we do go; “from glory to glory.” This is my understanding as it is….bear with me fellow traveler’s as ( I also am not saying that I am better than you or holier than thou or I just know more than the “average” Believer…no) I know what I know though and I can’t un-know it. Does that make sense?

So from this vantage point I see that I have come up into the heavenlies. My eyes have been opened to this degree and my ears are hearing better and better and I would say that something shifted from 9-01-18…yes! There is a clarity here that wasn’t before then. Father said; “Be brave, be bold about it because if that is where you are, that is where you really are!” The Word says; “seated in Heavenly places in Christ.” For real, I am, and that is the deal and that has become my reality, it’s different. I didn’t bring this about. There is a deep, deep peace about it and rest that I am experiencing…..it’s just different but wonderful.

I can see this:  I have been in process but without the understanding, now He has given me the understanding and connected it with process….it connects the dots and shows me a picture I have never seen before with the experiences I have had through the years, and in this realm it makes total sense. I don’t think I would know this earlier. I had to have a new and different vantage point from which to look from. He shows me the alignment, the time-lines and where I am in this whole thing and why I’m resting in Him. It’s just my walk with Him. What a marvelous thing! I hear too; “in this world but not of it.” and “as He is so am I in this world.” We are not to be earth-bound and live in limitations. Jesus wasn’t limited at all while he was on this earth. I believe He also wants to show us-His beloved, how to live the way He did.

It feels like a dismantling of the old to get to the New (the New Man) we are in Christ. What an undertaking as I think of it; that was in there since I was ten years old. I can see that I took Him at His word, that He was my Savior and I could ask Him to come into my heart and stay. What does a ten year old know about that? I knew “nothing” but asked Him anyway. Praise God He really took me seriously!

Look what the Lord has done! And it remains to be seen (literally) what He is going to do with my life. But I don’t have to worry about it, not about a thing. After all these years and time (through many dangers, toils, and snares) I have already come….twas Grace that brought me safe thus far and Grace will lead me home…..that is what I hear as I think about it. I’m still here and I never thought I would live past 40; for real-but that’s another story. Anyway, I’m enjoying my life like never before and I’m expecting things to pop through into materialization on this plane. It has to because it’s already there “according to His riches in glory.” I hope this is helping somebody……I’m sharing because it is true! I’m sharing because it’s real! I’m sharing to encourage fellow Believer’s and travelers and I’m sharing because He always calls us “up” and into something new in Him; all of us are going up, up, up! I feel the wide-open spaces in this dimension, the limitlessness in the realms of glory and the ones I have yet to step into and enjoy! Wow; what can I say??? I am so inspired some more and Papa wanted me to share it…..whoopee! I hope in some way that this has made some sense or if not right now maybe later…..we are each in our sphere of influence and different places in our walk. We all have something to contribute to each others growth and well being, right?

Thanks for reading my posts thus far. This is a labor of love and sharing and I welcome your thoughts, prayers, and synergy of the Holy Spirit. I know more is coming and I will do my best to post them as they come. This is also fun too because I love to write…..and read.



Catching Up

It’s been a while my journey friends; just wanted to let ya know that I am aware of it. I have been in a bit of a transition and also changing rooms in my Daughter’s house. This room is bigger and instead of sleeping on a futon I now have a bed and it’s quite comfortable. And beside all this….it’s that Season……Merry Merry CHRISTmas!!!

Two gifts left and I’m done with my shopping; whew! I must say though that most of mine was done online on Black Friday. The weather down in GA has been “frightful” and I did get one of those Winter colds after not having any for a long time; I hate them really…..especially when they sneak up on me! I’m just miserable when I can’t talk and feel weaker than normal and I had to clean this new room and move into it when I wasn’t up to par. Don’t ya just hate it when you get knocked for a loop out of nowhere? I remember in my childhood when I got a cold and it was Alka Seltzer Plus that I took, now I did love that part because I always liked Alka Seltzer; it worked for me! Dad took it too. It helped us. Remember Speedy? Thing is…..I loved the fizz. I still love fizzy things. I loved the stuff so much I would just put the thing in my mouth and let it fizz away….yup, I did that but it worked in about 10 minutes, less time than when I took it with water……LOL! Well, I just revealed one of my quirky things I used to do.

Lest I ramble on let me find an appropriate pic and post it here…..I will return as soon as possible and maybe ramble some more.

beverage candy candy cane celebration
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Now doesn’t that look warm and inviting as you sit down and watch all the Hallmark movies until Christmas Day?

Be Inspired Today….given to me on 11-21

This is being added at the end of a really nice Thanksgiving Day. I just feel like I need to put this out tonight and not waste any more time.

In my quiet time on this morning this is how the Lord showed up as I was welcoming Him to come in…..


Shallow Focus Photography of Cafe Late

As He comes this A.M.- Like a breath, He’s whipping me into shape. That’s what I’m hearing; He’s softly coming in, beautiful….peaceful…..I ask, as a habitation-not only a visitation as I seek first His Kingdom, His righteousness; He is coming in softly~~~~~~~~

Thank you for coming Lord!!!!!

I see things being put together for me in such a better way than I ever could myself. I see dimensions, crossed time lines, physicalities coming together in His plans for me. Mine would be flat, earthly; bound by earths time…..limited. (I had to look that word physicalities up; simply means “physical or in physical ways”

I hear this:

I am-in Christ, multi-dimensional as He is. He is not flat, conscripted by earth’s dimensions; therefore He is unlimited. (I don’t even understand what I just said, but I was hearing it as is, whether I understand it or not)  but because I love to research things I will look it up…. I did so you might say “pressed,”  But I say;  Wow!!! He “was” as a man (flesh) so He could experience it like us but unrestricted because of His relationship with His Father>>>>>He sought His Father first, as a pattern for us, an example for us as humans, what we could be… because of who and Whose we are>>>His off-spring, His very own children…..A reality we have yet to grasp in His fullness!!!  He came in the flesh, a baby, and grew up as we also do, to taste and fully live our reality so we could—if we trust in Him as our living Savior, live in our new reality, which shifted when we became Believers in Him.

For real, we do become “New Creations” IN CHRIST JESUS and no more bound in this earth’s realities which are always subject to change.

We don’t see what we have been given right away, for it takes time to develop that. The Lord is not at all put off by this, He’s made contingencies for our growth because He began this good work in us and He will (is) faithful to complete it, another thing to share in my journey! 

I write as He gives it to me in order to share and encourage fellow travelers. (sometimes He speaks so fast that it’s like I’m taking dictation, only it isn’t spiritual short-hand…LOL!)

I just want to say, for those of us who are already Believers in Jesus Christ, we are already Sisters and Brothers in our Father’s family. For those who are “seekers” of the Truth, we invite you to come in by the door- Jesus Christ. He will welcome you with arms wide open because He is the One you are truly looking for; find Him and you really find Life!!! He said, “I Am the Way, the Truth, and the Life and he that lives and believes in Me shall never die.” Amen>>>>>> 

This is what He gave me that day and I hope it blesses you and you can see something in this missive that you have never seen before or get something confirmed that He has already shown you. Time spent with Him is never wasted. Sometimes you may not get something you are being shown until later or at a better time but that’s ok, it will come when it’s supposed to.


11-06-18…Part 2 Tsunami


Let me continue; this is going to go on and on. I call it a holy shakedown in unholy places, and the loosing of the bands of wickedness. Our fastings and prayers with target-specific repentance in each State, did accomplish this—–powerful!

We have no reason to lose hope just because we didn’t “see” what we expected to “see.” This one is being felt more than seen.

Here is a little bit of information on Tsunamis and a picture or two to help:

Image result for images of tsunami waves

So what triggers a tsunami?



tidal wave wall painring
Photo by Sean Manning on Pexels.com

Some people still call these “Tidal waves” but they have nothing to do with tides.

  • The series of waves generated by a tsunami is called a wave train.
  • The first wave of a tsunami may not be the biggest. There may be bigger and stronger waves to come.
  • The word “tsunami” means “harbor wave” in Japanese.
  • The warning system in the Pacific Ocean is called the DART system which stands for Deep-ocean Assessment and Reporting of Tsunamis.

What happens during a tsunami?

  1. Once the water is moved by an earthquake or other event, large waves like ripples spread out from the point where the water first moved.
  2. These waves can move quickly and for very long distances. Some tsunamis have been known to travel for thousands of miles across the ocean and travel at speeds of up to 500 miles per hour.
  3. As the waves travel through the deep parts of the ocean, their crest is usually short, only a few feet tall. This makes it difficult to detect a tsunami as they are not necessarily visible in the deep ocean.
  4. When the waves approach land and shallow water, they pile up and grow in height.
  5. At the coastline, a trough of the wave may appear. This will cause drawback to occur on the shoreline. The water may recede for some distance. This can be dangerous as people may be tempted to walk out into the open area.
  6. When the wave arrives on the shore, it will usually be a tall wall of water. The water will rush inland, sometimes for some distance and with great speed and power. The height of the tsunami wave will depend on the topography of the shoreline. Some tsunamis have been known to reach heights of 100 feet.
  7. More waves may arrive. The time period between waves may be several minutes.

These are just a few of the known facts about these dangerous waves. You can do your own research if you want more…..credit here on this article…. 

Earth Science for Kids    Tsunamis

So what does this have to do with what I’m seeing?

God is all wise and He knows what He’s doing. I trust Him! I have many reasons for my trust, too many to put down. Of course we “will” see some very powerful things as well because our world is being impacted, but trust the plan; better yet, trust the Planner.                                              Does this mean we stop praying, decreeing, proclaiming and making our declarations? No!!! We keep it up because we not only take territory but we must keep it! We must occupy and never let loose! The battle is the Lord’s but we wrestle with the enemy with His Word and partner with God as He leads us forward into victory after victory after victory! We hold our posts and stay vigilant and we do all this from our position “of” victory–seated in heavenly places IN CHRIST JESUS and staying there.

Isn’t this exciting? I am so encouraged!!! I see principles and similarities all over the place. I welcome your thoughts and comments as we journey together in “Joyful Contemplation.” 




From 11-06-18…Part 1


   No writing in here for a while as I was busy educating myself on WordPress tutorials and researching a couple of topics which you will see in a moment.

I do believe though that in praying and reading concerning the up-coming elections which have at this point taken place, I was given something from the Father; bear with me….

clear iceberg on blue ocean water

It wouldn’t seem so in the natural but as I thought about it and looked at it- once I got out of my own head; cause I was looking just like everybody else after these results….I saw something different; the “tip of the ice-burg.” (this just looks like a huge floating ice-cube, but what’s underneath it?)

Tip of the ice-burg but oh so damaging! I thought about the ship, the Titanic. What was under the sea, huge and deadly? It was enough to sink the so-called unsinkable ship. That ice-burg was not as it appeared to be to have put a hole in the hull of that great ship! So I saw a concept here, a principle if you will, as I was looking.

black and white Queen Mary ship

Not the actual picture of course but a good picture of a hull of a large ship.

Here are just some facts I dug up by Vicki Bassett: She wrote an article titled; “Causes and Effects of the Rapid Sinking of the Titanic.” Author’s Note: When she wrote this report, Vicki Bassett was a senior in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Wisconsin.

According to her builders, even in the worst possible accident at sea, two ships colliding, the Titanic would stay afloat for two to three days, which would provide enough time for nearby ships to help [Gannon, 1995]. On April 14, 1912, however, the Titanic sideswiped a massive iceberg and sank in less than three hours. Damaging nearly 300 feet of the ship’s hull. If one could imagine; some say it was like a 300 foot zipper in the hull; scary! This is just a snippet of information and everyone has their theory of course. And one can do their own research too.

As I was looking at this I saw something else; a Tsunami-

I believe that quite a few people, including myself, expected to see the Red Wave/Tsunami “look” a certain way…it did NOT and I have learned and I’m still learning that God doesn’t work like that. We don’t get that; but He doesn’t work to accommodate our “senses”, especially our sight, and there is plenty of evidence in His word to prove it.

I believe that I got to see what He is saying. My five senses couldn’t see it. I had to “look up” and see in the Spirit. I’m seeing what I saw, really from His perspective-I was greatly encouraged! It makes me want to laugh for His brilliant plan! It’s HUGE!!! I perceive such a largeness in it and that is without its detail. I don’t know that “plan” but it’s unfolding rapidly. God is wasting no time and nothing is going to stop Him! He is in motion as The Great I Am! His higher ways are operating right now, not for another time.

This is exciting! The more I look the more I know, the Red Wave/Tsunami; whatever it’s called….did hit and it’s been “felt” more than seen. The spirit realm on the enemies side is all in an uproar! His kingdom is being torn-we would say; “from limb to limb” and I hear “from one end to the other.” I perceive that these are the beginnings of this and the rumblings will be for years. (I am led to look up tsunami and what causes them) I think that’s going to reveal a lot.

I’m going to come back with the rest of this, as it is not meant to be a long dissertation on these two scenes but a sharing along the journey in my life and Part 2 will be hopefully a nice picture of what a Tsunami looks like and the working of one; in brief of course.


A New Insight

Everybody has a voice. You have a voice and I have a voice and our Father wants to hear it.

Do you know how much He longs to hear our voice? How He leans in and listens like you or I are the only ones on earth? Here are some scriptures to back this up: 

Our voice>>> Duet. 26:7, Rom. 15:6, Rev. 7:10 are just a few. What about My voice>>> II Sam. 22:7, Psalm 5:3; 18:6, 27:7 (NIV) and “the lads voice” in Gen. 21:17….a fascinating study if one wants to pursue further! This will get you started as there are many references to check out.

I am hearing that we have a special “voice print;” a special defining characteristic that only we as humans possess. I think it’s cool! There is something in our voices that is distinctly “human” and distinctly ours. Just like a snowflake, not the same as anothers, isn’t that something? And yes, we are made in His image and likeness. Does He talk? I’ll say!!! In the beginning……

This is something from Him that sets us sooooo apart from anything else He has created. When we belong to Him and are quickened in our salvation experience, we are summoned forth from the sleep of death; if you will, that sin brought. Stop and think about it. We come ALIVE!!! We come forth truly into life! When we see Jesus as our Savior, repent of our sins and receive Him, it’s our new reality! We don’t even comprehend what all that means yet. He must chuckle because He sure does. We come forth a “new man.” (I could go on and on about that but that isn’t my subject today)

So we come forth with our own sound, our own imprint on this sphere with our unique sound that pierces the atmosphere around us. Everyone hears it, everything hears it…..and it’s important. We don’t know yet just how important it is, but our Father in heaven knows because we came from Him.

Jesus His Son rejoices! Holy Spirit is thrilled! He says that there is nothing “like us…..like them” and He can’t wait to hear us talk! I said, “Really?” Yes, really! “Your voice to me is just as important as your distinctive fingerprints. WOW! I ask why and He says “because your voices carry weight.” (oh, that’s a whole study in itself for the spirit realm) 

If I have piqued your interest you might want to check this out; 

The Gospel Faith Messenger   020-Your Voice~A Prophetic Trumpet! By Rodney W. Francis

Scientifically this:   It’s amazing, isn’t it? Maybe more to come but this will do it for now. Comments are welcome and even additions for further study.

Voiceprints taken from this article but one can look it up online to get to the links; I haven’t figured out how to do that from here yet….LOL! Still learning……

Speaker recognition systems use spectrograms to represent human voices.

Your voice is unique because of the shape of your vocal cavities and the way you move your mouth when you speak. To enroll in a voiceprint system, you either say the exact words or phrases that it requires, or you give an extended sample of your speech so that the computer can identify you no matter which words you say.

When people think of voiceprints, they often think of the wave pattern they would see on an oscilloscope. But the data used in a voiceprint is a sound spectrogram, not a wave form. A spectrogram is basically a graph that shows a sound’s frequency on the vertical axis and time on the horizontal axis. Different speech sounds create different shapes within the graph. Spectrograms also use colors or shades of grey to represent the acoustical qualities of sound. This tutorial has a lot more information on spectrograms and how to read them.

Some companies use voiceprint recognition so that people can gain access to information or give authorization without being physically present.

Pg. 2

Definition of voiceprint 

an individually distinctive pattern of certain voice characteristics that is spectrographically produced


One can even have art as a Voiceprint Gift; even musical!



Writing on the Run!

Not really on the run but at the neighborhood Starbucks. I’m just wanting to find a right spot to catch up to my tutorials and the embellishing of my Blog.

It seems to be a bit more involved than I thought. But, I will plow through it because I’m determined to really learn the hows; then maybe I can teach it too at some point.

As my journey is not alone I am with my best friend and we are helping each other; got our laptops with us and looking at each others stuff. I got to learn about the “sticky notes” that already come with my software in Windows…..duh…..never even heard of them. I’m still finding out what’s on Windows that I can use for my Blog or whatever…..LOL! Thank God that I can go to Youtube or some other site and get tutorials for whatever I need!

Getting ready to head out but the highlight of this little trip was that we got to tag-team and witness to a guy about Jesus and that is seed planted!  Whoo hoo!!!! So, I will talk to ya’ll later…..

people sitting down near table with assorted laptop computers