Lessons I Learned From the Story of Joseph

Credit goes to Brett Jordan for the picture

Hello again my fellow travelers and friends! How is everyone doing? I thought I would share a little from the Book of Genesis and what I believe was some thoughtful insight into Joseph’s story.

I’m taking this from my own journey and seeing some interesting correlations. Joseph’s story begins at Genesis Chapter 37 vs. 2 and pretty much goes through the book until the end of the book in Chapter 50 where he had lived until he was 110 yrs. old, died a full life because he had fulfilled his purpose and destiny. Wow! That is exactly my aim and goal but I don’t want to be 110….LOL!

In an overview at looking at his story I will just try to touch on a few things that I see. The first thing is that he saw his future. He may not have understood what he was seeing but we have the vantage point of looking at what is written. This part is covered in vs. 5-10 in Chapter 37. He was about 17 at this time and kind of a tattle-tale (we would call it) for his Father Jacob. Now a few verses later the passage talks about Joseph wandering around in a place called Shechem-seems he had lost his way. And it says that a certain man found him and asked him what he was looking for. Joseph tells him that he is looking for his Brothers, as his Father had sent him to look and see how they were doing. So he asks the man to please tell him where they were pasturing the flocks. I have to wonder, who was that man? I wonder if he was an angel because it reminds me of the angel that asked Hagar a question when she ran away from Sarah, her mistress; Abraham’s wife. Anyway he tells Joseph they were there but he heard them say that they were going to Dothan. This to me was a divine appointment to lead him in the right direction. The next thing ya know, they see him coming….and boy did they hate him! They were so jealous they couldn’t even talk to him right. So here the plot thickens….and they want to do away with him but instead threw him in a pit; saved from murder by his Brothers by his eldest Brother Reuben who planned on rescuing him later; interesting. I call this divine intervention. So as it happens as they sat down to eat while Joseph was in that pit, they looked up and saw a caravan of cargo -carrying Ishmaelites with their camels on their way to Egypt. I call this a divine interruption, as it gave them a new idea to sell him and not kill him; and they were in agreement, but Reuben wasn’t there and he didn’t know till later…so they sold him….a divine connection to his destiny; but nobody but God knew that. Really, this was a huge lie and deception on his Brother’s part because by then when Reuben found out, he was still complicit in the deception concerning the blood of an animal on Joseph’s tunic and lying to their Father to make him believe Joseph had died by an animal attack. And for many years he believed it, and was in deep sorrow.

Let’s fast forward a little bit and see where Joseph ends up. Vs.36 we find that he had been sold as a slave to a man named Potiphar, an officer of Pharaoh and the Captain of the Royal Guard. Isn’t that interesting? He is already in Egypt, the location of his destiny and it’s another connection to his destiny. Of course he doesn’t see this as we can which really causes me to look at this more closely and receive “I believe” some clues as to how God operates in my own life. Of course I am not Joseph but here’s what I can see as I delve into this true story of a character in the Old Testament that I would maybe read about and find it fascinating but not make the “faith” connections and the M.O. of how the Lord may be working things out for me.

Going back into it he has the run of the house so to speak at Potiphar’s because it says; “The Lord was with him.” and he had great favor because Potiphar himself could see this and he was pleased with everything Joseph did; everything succeeded in his hand. Potiphar’s house was blessed in everything Joseph was overseer in. In Chapter 39 vs. 6 it states that the only thing Potiphar was concerned about was what he ate. Also it is mentioned here that Joseph was” handsome and attractive in form and appearance.” One might wonder about this little detail thrown in but it makes perfect sense when you see just how important this little detail is. Vs. 7-20 is the unfolding of a drama that looks like anything but good could possibly come out of it….but God!!!! So there are lies, betrayals and other divine connections and another location change. This was divine positioning at it’s best because of course God was behind the scenes directing this whole thing! Vs. 21 says; “The Lord was with Joseph and extended lovingkindness to him, and gave him favor with the warden.” Isn’t that something? He was consigned to prison but God was with him and showed him lovingkindness in that situation. Can God do that? Yes He can….and more! The warden was like Potiphar, in that he didn’t have to pay attention to anything that Joseph was care-taker over and so the prison prospered….amazing!

Here’s the thing that I want to share with you my fellow travelers. I’m noticing God’s divine connections, intervals of time passing, His divine interruptions and those moments of divine intersects where things just come together; a converging if you will, when a thing comes together in something He has planned all along. What a Planner He is! So, back to the story….

An interval of time has passed when Joseph is in a normal day taking care of business when two men are thrown into prison where he is caring for everybody and everything. Vs. 4, all the way through the rest of the chapter it speaks of the situation and how Pharaoh was ticked with his Chief Cup-bearer and Baker who just happened to be the guys that were thrown in prison, right where Joseph was….divine connection….interruption…..location? Mmmmm! Can you see it? And even more time passes before these guys dream “their” dreams and guess who interprets them accurately? And Joseph gives all the glory to God for doing so because nobody but God can give the meaning to mysteries of dreams. And those dreams come to pass just as Joseph said they would. I find it interesting that in this whole story except at the revealing part of it where he finally tells his Brothers just who it is that they are dealing with, the narrative never reveals just how Joseph was feeling all those years that he was in Egypt and not of his doing, don’t you? One only gets a glimpse of it in vs. 14 & 15 in that 40th Chapter. To bring this home to where I am at in my journey and the questions I was having with the Lord over my own life; this is where He brought me….to see…..more of His ways. So I wonder what Joseph was feeling on his journey. I am understanding more of what my part is and that is cooperating with the Holy Spirit in the process that He is doing to prepare me for purpose and destiny. It’s His plan and it’s for His glory, not mine; because it’s not about me. I am not to be belligerent, unyielding, stubborn or complaining….that I know, and I have no desire to be that way.

Joseph of Egypt
Just a rendition of Joseph in prison with the Chief Cup-bearer and Baker

So just when he thinks he might finally have a break; because he didn’t know God’s plan….another two years pass…..another divine interval of time because the Chief Cup-bearer completely forgets him. These intervals are not easy; one can easily think that God has forgotten them but it’s a test of trust. It doesn’t say how Joseph felt but I can imagine, especially when time keeps on going past you and you think about where you have been and all the water that’s gone under the bridge. One can’t stay in that frame of mind very long or you might lose hope and the enemy would love that. No; you have to keep on believing that what you received at the beginning from the Lord so personally to your heart is true and you hang your very life upon it. The word says; “The word of the Lord tried him.” So true!

Because this is such a great true story I’m going to come back to it just to give it justice so the Lord is glorified even more. Call this PART I and I will be back tomorrow with PART II. Till then, you might want to check it out yourselves.

I’m Ready For A New Adventure!

Photo by Taryn Elliott on Pexels.com‘s

How interesting that I found another treasure in one of my boxes! It’s a dream that I had and penned way back then in another year. After reading this dream I thought I would share it with you, my fellow Travelers; it’s very insightful as I look it over and think about it. Ok, here goes….

I dreamed that I was in Arizona and on some sort of planning committee. There was a man who seemed to be in charge who was up behind a podium and he was speaking about some kind of land development with greater access. What was already there wasn’t supporting the people and they needed more. They needed builders with ideas, people with ideas that would work but not of this world. (I just seemed to know that)

We had equipment but it needed an upgrade. We needed to know what worked and what didn’t. There were cords, lights, computers, etc. In the meeting itself there was a piece of equipment that wasn’t working because one of the cords to it wasn’t, so he pulled it out and just threw it on the floor. I pointed out to him that that wasn’t good enough, he had to throw it away so someone wouldn’t wonder, does this work? and waste time on it….so he promptly did so without complaint. There was a discussion as to what else might be working or not based on what we just discovered. I took the lead in the discussion, as it had to do with new businesses in this wide open valley and one of my suggestions was a drive-in theatre. I was remembering my growing up days living very close to one called the Star Dusk Theatre. Our leader said yes, we will get to that idea but we had to lay down some roads and ways to get to things that we were already discussing. Those were already there or they were going in.

The space we had was so wide open and we had to come up with ideas that would fill them plus work. I think there was about 12 of us in a room with computers and such. And….I just woke up after this….very interesting and for some reason I’m focused on this.

My thoughts that I had written after this and praying at the time:

Kingdom operations- opportunities. I just know that the equipment was old, outdated and new and fresh had to replace it. I also perceived that we had the finances and wanted to really be responsible, on time, and not waste a thing-to get the job done ASAP. We were all so excited and full of possibilities!

I can’t help but think that running across this in one of my journals is no accident. It just speaks to me about this new adventure I’m heading into; it’s just there in my spirit. So….comments are most welcome on this interesting dream.

Till next time my fellow travelers…

filled glass
Credit to Alice Pasqual for the picture; cool!

A Touch of Poetry

USA flag on pole during day
Credit for this picture goes to Sheri Hooley Taken in the Grand Canyon in AZ.

Good evening my fellow Travelers, Family and Friends! How was your Labor Day? It was way too hot to go outside except I did a little walking after the sun set in sunny, hot AZ.

Just so you know, I really am not poetic. I have only written 2 poems in my life and it was a sudden thing, both of those times where I just “waxed” poetic…LOL! and grabbed the nearest piece of paper and started writing…

Now this one is very fitting I think to the early Fall that may or may not be creeping in to the North Central part of the country, but I will just share it with you because it seems to fit right now….here goes: ( by the way, I was living in South Dakota)

It’s May, ok? Time to put the boots away! I have found and I know it’s soundthat the weather, it may go round and round. First it’s Spring, then it’s Winter-First it rains, then it snows; only those in the Hills really know

One day you’re shoveling snow, next day; who knows???

Thought I’d put my coat away-just to take it out the very next day! I was never warned ya know… just how far the weather would go–Coming from the Valley of the Sun, who would think I could have such fun!

The nicest people you could ever meet are here at the Lab and on the street… What a wonderful place, I’m glad I came; my life will never be the same!

Ta da!!!

I wrote this in May 2010 and forgot I even had it but found it in my boxes which seem to be loaded with some treasures that I can share with you! Hope you enjoyed that little bit.

Here’s another pic to take ya’ll on out till next time…..

Photo by Todd Trapani on Pexels.com

A Quiet Contemplation

white ceramic coffee mug on brown wooden tabletop
Credit to Kevin Fitzgerald

My ten minute quiet time

I’m trying out something new with this Block way of doing things and have no idea what I’m doing.

Going through my things after this new move and I found something dated back on 2-21-2017. I think I was at a gathering of a Dream Team event and in that ten minute quiet time I received this from the Lord so I thought I would share it with my Friends, Family and Fellow Travelers. Be blessed!

This is what the Lord says; “You are worthy to receive all my love and care. I’ll make you like a bridge for many to cross over and come to Me. Affliction lasts for a little while but it will subside. To know Me is to know love, the way it was meant to be; and this side of Heaven you will know it Daughter.”

“You were never meant to live like this (I was in a basement). This isn’t your Kingly State but I will bring you into it. You won’t be staying here long—in this house, not long; but it is leading you to something better.” (I said, when Lord?) At the end of the year I was no longer there…..

“Keep singing!” “As you do I’ll bring back those songs you used to sing to Me, and then I will give you new ones.”

“Happy Days Are Here Again, and the sun,(Son) is going to shine!”

“Brace yourself—for My goodness shall fall upon you in new ways!” (and it did and it has)

This is what I received in that quiet contemplation that morning. My hope is that it will bless you also in some way. I also found in my boxes I think; about 9 of my Journals which are loaded with beautiful words from the Lord. I’m thinking about posting many of them that may speak to you too and encourage you on your own journey.

It’s getting to be close to the Fall season. I’m looking forward to that from the 3 digit temps to the 2. This Summer has been very very hot and I really didn’t spend much time outdoors at all because of the heat. I’m going to add another picture and call it a night…Happy September 2020!!!

people walking desert

Credit to Aubrey Odom; this is what I am looking forward to do….walking with my friends in the early morning on a desert trail.


ladisman standing in the middle of woods

Credit goes to Vladislav Babienko

Right here, right now~ this is redemption time;   to go, to leave the old and enter the new. This is what I see and believe~ my today is a “marker~ so; “let the high praises be in my mouth and a two edged sword  in my hand, to execute upon them the judgement written.”  This is an honor!

What’s different about this day Lord? On the edge…..I’m on a launching pad. I have this sense of it this day; what’s out there Lord?

space craft on station

Credit goes to Terrence Burke

     The Word; (Psalms 42:5) P.T. 

Keep hoping and waiting on God, your Savior. For no matter what, I will still sing with praise, for living before His face is my saving Grace!

42  (vs. 7&8)  My deep need calls out to the deep kindness of your love.  Your waterfall of weeping sent waves of sorrow over my soul, carrying me away,  cascading over me like a thundering cataract. Yet all day long God’s promises of love pour over me. Through the night I sing His songs, for my prayer to God has become my life. Amen!

Bible verse photo

Credit goes to Wisconsin photos

I believe; (( I have passed the pull of Earthly gravity and ascending. He has opened some kind of Heavenly portal over me this day~~ access I have never had before~~))

     I woke up to the song with these lyrics in them; “More love to Thee”

(Psalms 43:5) P.T.  Then I will say to my soul, “don’t be discouraged;  don’t be disturbed, for I fully expect my Savior-God to break through for me.  Then I will have plenty of reasons to praise Him all over again.”  Yes, living before His face is my saving Grace!  More lyrics to another part of a song; “My wonder, my transport when Jesus I see!” and “Praise the Lord, Praise the Lord, let the Earth hear His voice, Praise the Lord, Praise the Lord, let the people rejoice! Oh come to the Father through Jesus the Son, and give Him the Glory;  great things He hath done!!! 

man standing inside church

Credit goes to Gift Habeshaw

My enemies say; “Where is your God?”  I say; “He’s right here! He has never left me!  Ha!!! “To You oh Lord belong escapes from death.” Hallelujah!!!!!!

(Psalms 44:21b) P.T.   God, you know our every heart secret. You know we still want You! 

I hear:   “I have escaped like a bird from a snare!” God did something in my sleep last night-I know not what (?) I woke a lot differently this day.  Like a portal of Heaven opened over me~~ I am not the same! Oh glory!  It’s like I woke to the “SHOUT OF A KING!”  It has no explanation…I’m just sharing it with you.

(Psalms 45:1-5) P.T.  “My heart is on fire, boiling over with passion!!! Bubbling up within me are these beautiful lyrics as a lovely poem to be sung for the King.  Like a river bursting its banks, I’m overflowing with words, spilling out into this sacred story.” 

HIS ROYAL MAJESTY  Beautiful! Beautiful! Beyond the sons of men! “You are” (those are my words)  Elegant grace pours out through every word You speak.  Truly God has anointed You, His favored One, for eternity!  Now strap Your lightning-sword of judgement upon Your side…(and justice), that’s what I see;  O mighty Warrior, so Majestic!!!  You are full of beauty and splendor as You go out to war!  In Your Glory and grandeur go forth in victory! Amen!  I can hardly write and yet….I keep writing~~ In Your faithfulness and meekness the cause of Truth and Justice will stand!!!  Awe inspiring miracles are accomplished by Your power, leaving everyone dazed and astonished!  Your wounding leaves men’s hearts defeated as they fall before You broken.

((This is what’s coming))

Your Glory-Kingdom oh God, endures forever;  You are enthroned to rule with a Justice-scepter in Your hand!  You are passionate for righteousness and You hate lawlessness!  And this is about Jesus (vs. 7&8 ) P.T.  This is why God, Your God, crowns You with bliss above Your fellow kings. He has anointed You more than any other, with His oil of fervent joy, the very fragrance of Heaven’s gladness. Your royal robes release the scent of suffering love for Your bride, the odor of aromatic incense is upon You.  From the pure and shining place, lovely music that makes You glad is played for your pleasure.

white wooden table decor

Credit goes to Emma Shappley

Oh my Fellow Travelers and Friends; I am constrained to ask……Do you know Him? Jesus Christ, the Son of God and the One who died for you to take away your sins. “There is no other Name under Heaven given among men whereby we must be saved.”  No other!  Jesus came, preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom and calling all men to repent~~ turn from your sins and fully surrender to God!  He will freely forgive you; wash and take away your sins with His blood and cast them as far as the East is from the West.  He really will do that for “you” and bring you into His family-make you a Son.  Won’t you give Him your heart, your all? He is the One who holds your breath in His hand and holds “you” in His heart.  Won’t you say “yes” to His call?  The Father is calling you, please don’t wait for another day;  NOW is the day of salvation, Now is that day.  You will pass from death unto life, from darkness to Light….the angels in Heaven will celebrate and your name will not be blotted out of the Book of Life…..won’t you come to Him? He is waiting for “you!”

black and red and white wooden board


Just Musing for a While

Hello my fellow travelers in cyber-land! It has been a long time hasn’t it? So what have you all been doing in this interesting “pause” in time? I have been wanting to get back on here, so I thought;  why not now? As you can see from this picture, Arizona is blooming with promise and we are in the 3 digits already in some areas! How about that? It’s better than cold and freezing any day….

So how are you Friends and Family? Ya know, it hasn’t bothered me at all to be in a place where I’m almost forced to think differently and look at my life in new ways. A divine reset can be a very good thing if one looks on the positive side,  don’t you think? Ones priorities can be re-ordered and changed for the better; that’s how I see it anyway.  It’s like, how am I spending my time? What can I do that is more time-constructive than I have been doing? I really don’t like to waste time and yet I don’t want to be the Energizer Bunny either. I’m now looking at time in a whole new way! I can’t get back the time I have wasted….ugh! So I conclude; I have to make some changes.

How about relationships? Have I been up on that? Am I paying attention to people that I care for? Thank God I haven’t experienced anyone I know perishing with Covid-19 or anything else, but I am thinking;  what if I had? How would I feel if I had neglected that person in my life;  makes me think. I don’t want to live like that as if I don’t care when I do, know what I mean? Life isn’t all about me and I’m just now thinking…this too has got to change. I must live in the moment but really not as…. “dare I say it” selfishly as I have?  Lord help me to look more outwardly with a view towards the ones around me and that I care for! How can I change that? It’s true that I have personal time constraints but how do I get around that and still be responsible and helpful, loving and considerate to my family that lives nearby or far, or my friends?  There are people that I really want to spend more time with and things are changing. I don’t think that when we come out of this that it should go back to the same o’…same o’ thing. I’d like to think that we learned something valuable and how to shift some things that needed shifting but we were too “busy” to notice.

Now,  I’ve been sharing more on the serious side and I’m really not finished with that but I see that it’s for another post. What about the creative side at this time? Oh, I did get to work on that part a bit and changed my background for this Blog and the design; got to work on that, so far so good. And, I changed my backgrounds for my emails too;  a lot more colorful;  so that’s good and I have also been out walking because it’s not a total shut-down here, I just don’t go too far. It’s been very nice if I get out in the morning when it’s light and relatively cool. I definitely want to do more of that…..look at this picture; nice neighborhood!

This is so beautiful, don’t you think? Blue sky, Palm trees on a calm morning. I can’t wait to get out there! I don’t want to walk it alone either; I want some fun friends to join me like I used to in Atlanta. We would go walking in the park together every Tues. morning; so….I’m thinking of that too…..look! Nice picture for inspiration

I’m thinking of ways to make this happen…..who out there loves to walk? Doesn’t this just make you want to get out there??? I know my Sister in Spearfish SD where it isn’t that warm yet, gets out on her horse Walker, and goes for long rides. That is her thing. What about you my Friends? What are you going to be doing when you get to go outside again? Let me know. I mentioned earlier in one of my other posts that I really would like to take Ballet for the stretching and slow movement. I still want to. I will be looking into that as well…..so

These are some of the things going on in my busy mind as I muse this evening. It’s almost 11:30 p.m. but I took a nice nap this afternoon so I’m not doing too bad being up right now. Just thought I would do a new post; about time! I hope I didn’t bore you. I have many things going on in my mind but too many to share for now. One more picture in my closing and thanks for visiting again!

Till next time!





It’s Been A While Folks!

several trees during sunset

Just poppin’ in to apologize for being gone for soooooo long; it was not my intention at all, in fact, I wanted to write more!

It didn’t work out that way….ever had that happen to you? I have wanted to get back to this Blog but due to circumstances beyond my control I really have not been able to.  But; I’m still in my favorite State in the USA and 25 min. from my final destination. I think there will be a change in my current environment within a few months; I’m hoping …..within 2. In the meantime my Fellow Travelers and Friends online in the Blogging world;  I will get back on here ASAP. Things are changing but not as quickly as “I” would like….but it’s not about me….it’s about my Heavenly Father’s will and being in His plan on His assignment and on His time-table, right? Not my will be His be done….so…..sigh…..it’s hard on the flesh but my spirit man knows He is perfect, His timing is perfect and never convenient to the flesh.

I will leave it right there since I have a few minutes to do this post. Thank you very much for your patience and understanding!

Ciao! Enjoy the picture; credit to Rocio Guillen


Everybody Dance Now!

Let me tell you what inspired me to give this Blog post this title. I was reading Psalms Chapter 119 verse 17. It says in the Passion Bible Translation…”Let me, your servant, walk in abundance of life that I may always live to obey your truth.”

In the break heading in the Chapter it says;  The Abundant Life  and as I was looking at it it was changing to  The Anointed Life.  I kept looking and the word “abundance” was somehow split and I saw abun………..  dance….and I kept looking and it said- the  Dance of Life; and so it was: 

The Abundant Life

The Anointed Life

The Dance of Life

Wow! I never saw this before but it just seemed to change before my eyes to this wonderful breakdown, but I really paid attention more to the “Dance” of Life  because I have never seen that in the word abun  dance. I love when the Holy Spirit does things that blow my mind!!! He shows me things I would just glance over and just figure that I have read that before and really not look for anything new to learn…..not so!

It makes me think of the prayer that says; “Open my eyes Lord, that I may see wonderful things out of your law.” He always has things to teach us or to show us out of His Word as we spend the time with Him……to linger with Him and SEE;  or that word He gave me- FOCUS! I did and look what I saw! It has always been there I’m sure but I didn’t see it before. It prompts me to do a study on all three of those points.

In my time that I spend with Him I go from Psalms to Proverbs and read a little from both books. He had more to show me about the dance out of the Book of Proverbs. This came from Chapter 8 vs. 24. Under that heading of that break in the chapter it says:  Wisdom in the Beginning and so it says; “Before the ocean depths were poured out, and before there were any glorious fountains overflowing with water, I was there dancing! Oh, isn’t that exciting? It goes on in vs. 25 saying; “Even before one mountain had been sculpted or one hill raised up, I was already there, dancing.” Isn’t that something? So I conclude that it must be important to God that He made us to dance! These verses are all talking about Jesus, God’s Son. He loves to dance! To get the whole gist of it, read the whole chapter. (In the notes on vs. 24, the word “born” in many translations means in Hebrew….”to kick and twirl” or to “dance.”)   Just fascinating!!!

Let’s see, dance in the Dictionary means- 

to leap, skip, etc., as from excitement or emotion; move nimbly or quickly to dance with joy. And here is a picture to go with it……

grayscale photography of woman doing ballet

Credit goes to David Hofmann and the Dancer is Olivia Tarchick-Beautiful!!!

This is really inspiring and I was thinking that this year I would love to take dance lessons in Ballet just for the fun of it and the stretching I could do;  I like slow moves like a Cat does and not fast jerky ones and this really would be fun!  I tried Zumba for a while but Nah!!! That is not for me anymore.

Well my fellow Travelers, this is what I wanted to share for today. You can do more research on “the dance.” I bet there is plenty of places in God’s word where there is more….I will too….time for some Ice Cream and a Brownie…..and then I’ll dance it off! LOL!

One more picture of my dancing under the Chandelier; Bootcamp is changing….Credit for this picture goes to Christian Fregnan

.woman in pink dress dancing under of chandelier





Bootcamp Has Chandaliers-going into a New Year 2020!

crystal chandelier

Credit to Zane Lee for this beautiful picture

Well, how is everyone’s New Year so far? I still think of it being New Years the whole month of January, how about you? Are ya making plans for the year, the month, the week or are ya taking it day by day?

So far I’m taking it kind of slow but I’m really anticipating a really wonderful year and I have that sense that it will be. I only look back on 2019 and just think; “I’m still here.” Whew!!! I had my challenges but I think I grew a lot in my faith and in some level of maturity because I feel more settled and grounded, if you know what I mean. I don’t want to spend much time at all on 2019 because I’m really already into 2020; the YEAR OF VISION, THE ROAR AND THE NEW! And my watch words as they come to me so far are- Focus, Run, and Justice….interesting! I’m already thinking about stuff to share on here and on a more regular basis; it’s been my dream….I may even upgrade to Business Level for a more presentable page. I’ve got lots of ideas bouncing around in my mind already and this is the outlet I will let them go on; and really step it up. There is a need to really “get with it” this year like no other year! Anyone else picking up on that? 

I don’t know if I have mentioned this before but I also keep a Journal and in that Journal I have a habit of writing in it backwards. For some reason writing that way helps me remember things better; almost as if I had a filing cabinet in my mind and I have to empty it that way…..silly but effective for me. I think it’s just me. Anyone else have a quirky way of doing something? I would be interested in your sharing that if you don’t mind; don’t be a stranger, I really welcome your comments.

Well, I will just stop for this intro so to speak; letting you know that I’m still out here in Blogging Land and I plan to visit more of your sites as well-I love to comment and share for the most part, it’s going to be one of my priorities. Here is one more picture to go……

brown and white wooden table with black clipboard

Credit goes to Kara Eads


I really enjoyed this great post and I think it fits with my latest inspiration from the Scriptures in Hebrews concerning our faith walk in Christ! Great inspiration here!

The Godly Chic Diaries

Those who seek the LORD lack no good thing – Psalm 34:10

The best feeling in the world is finally knowing you took a step in the right direction. A step towards the future where everything that you never thought possible is possible…These past six months has been nothing short of an ardous journey. This season has taught me waiting is worth it, fear is a mind game and God is always always near. I hope if there is anything you hear from me this day, is this. God is very very real. I would not be typing this to you if He wasn’t….

David was more than a nice theory. Because he had drawn near to the LORD as His good shepherd, he lacked nothing -Psalm 23. And he was so confident of God’s ongoing favor in his life that he proclaimed, ” Surely your goodness and love will…

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