Seeing the 9’s…

This was on Oct. 6th; I was drawn to this word that I had printed out back in 2017 from Prophet Fiorella Giordano and it was about “9’s” so knowing that this is the New Jewish New Year of 5779 that began in Sept. this year, I just pressed on to know more.

9 means>>> fullness=destiny, 9=fruit, and 9=birthing

Right away I saw/heard; “The Honorable Justice Brett Kavanaugh” being confirmed in Heaven, like it was happening right then; and really it was. God’s plan, His way, His Justice and His Samuel (which Prophet Charlie Champ saw), in the Supreme Court to make way for the rest that God wants sitting there…His….Deborah; 2nd… and 3 more to come I have heard.

So, I went for my walk this morning as I usually do and I decreed what I saw as Father’s “9” timing for 2018==>>5779 Jewish Calendar. I took that whole paper that I had printed out last year and made those proclamations into the 2nd heaven—wow! It was so clear to me! It’s favor, purpose and anointing that she spoke of only it is NOW! The Remnant Warriors in the body of Christ have come together in the Spirit and in prayer waves world-wide. This is a new thing in the Spirit realm and it’s powerful!!! God loves it! It’s in the power of His love and devils are raging, especially Leviathan, Jezzie and Haman spirits…..the so-called gods are shaking and quaking (as Prophet Mark Taylor has already said they would), and they haven’t done this since Jesus stripped their leader in hell of all authority, power and dominion he thought he had and took the keys of death, hell, and the grave! Whoopee!!! (my hand was shaking as I wrote this) The children of the Most High God have won!!! We will win even more! There is such a knowing in my spirit.

After this I saw another post on fb from Brother Mike Thompson about the Warriors of the Lion of the Tribe of Judah and it really confirmed this experience/encounter (I’m not sure what it is), and the Warriors were saying to the hordes of hell—WE WON!!! or—-WE WIN!!!…one of those. Anyway, this was powerful and I shared it with my friend Laura and she concurred. It is always wise to check these things out with a more experienced prophetic Sister or Brother. I learned this when I was under Christian International with Prophet Barbara Jackson, to have your words, experiences/encounters, etc. tested by others, and Prophet Jennifer LeClaire teaches this as well.

fyi…I call the Jezebel spirit Jezzie, not to be cocky but I hate that spirit and the Jehu anointing beats it any day

Fiorella Giordano’s word was on 8/30/2017 so you can check it out

Best Picture of a Woman Warrior (images on Google) that I could find. It is how I see myself…….only with Red hair…..LOL!


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Joy in the Father’s Love!

After reading one of the Chapters in a “Graham Cooke” book, this came to me… I thought I would share it.

And this is a big deal! knowing who we are;  if a person doesn’t see themselves this way (in the Father’s love), the way they truly are-in Christ….then every step they take will be hesitant and tentative at best. One can never be sure of anything. They don’t know their “state” because they don’t know their “standing”….wishy-washy, no clarity in anything, easily deceived- I can see it!

No wonder one goes around and around the mountain-in circles- in cycles of defeat! For sure Father wants us to break out of this so He just may set up our circumstances wherein He gives us insight into something, an opportunity to break free and based on that truth we are shown we can move out on it and break that cycle once and for all! I believe it! Here’s the thing though-it may look like our greatest defeat but “it isn’t.” It may look totally satanic, but it’s not. What it is though is God’s wisdom being poured out, in a way we have never seen before. When one knows that (and it’s only through relationship that one would), you can be at peace and rest because you can clearly see the whole thing; not through your eyes of dim and limited understanding but through His plan and purpose. It changes everything, especially ones perspective.

This font just keep changing….weird…..

Just penning my thoughts…..your’s are welcome…….




Here I am!

I’m back and it went through, wow! Without knowing what I’m doing; so far so good… So I can relax now and think about how I want to embellish this as I go. I really want to make it pretty and reflect me! Thank you Lord for your help today. You told me to just give it a try and I did; whoo hoo! Take a breath and…..

,It's time!!!

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