What is a song or poem that speaks to you and why?

It’s not just one song, it’s two. I named my Daughters; Renaye and Rhonda after songs that I heard in the 60’s. Renaye was after the song; “Don’t Walk Away Renaye.” I don’t know if that was the spelling but I wanted my spelling to be different and unique and I think I pulled it off. For Rhonda; of course…it was a Beach Boys song! Remember, Help Me Rhonda? I bet most people remember that song, right? I just can’t remember who wrote the song with Renaye’s name but it was a catchey tune and it played in my head at that time.

Courtesy of Unsplash Photos


This one really brings me back to the 60’s! Ok; till next time…told ya it would be short.


Author: cactusflower18

In the next 20 years I believe I will be living the best years of my life. Learning to Blog is going to be part of that. My friends and family tell me I should, so I will and have fun doing so! I'm an "eternal" 70 something. I have 2 grown Daughters, 3 Grandchildren; 2 girls and a boy, and 3 Great-grandchildren. I live in AZ. I continue to grow and learn and never stop; especially about knowing my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and living in His Kingdom. I have lots of friends, love to ride motorcycles, read and occasionally watch good movies. I like to stay active so I walk a lot and do my 10 min. exercises a day through a membership in Dr. Livingood's Crews. I have cut out tons of sugar as I learned how to eat a lot healthier; I feel great! I'm brushing up on my copywriting skills and just received my first Credential for 2022; looking forward to 2023-a NEW me!!!

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