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It is the word of the Lord that tries us. He says something to us and we must choose to either “believe” or “disbelieve” what He said. I believe that’s how the journey begins. It’s not a Bible study, it’s much more personal and where one is at with their “walk” with the Lord; even if it’s just beginning. I also believe that He’s the initiator because of “His” agenda and He knew about it before you came to Earth to reside in your Mom…and it doesn’t matter how you got here—you’re here! With that said, let’s go back to the story.

We left off where Joseph has seemingly been forgotten. And here’s that time interval that can be so frustrating by trying ones patience, true? Yes! because patience is not a natural thing with the whole human race; it’s a fruit of the Holy Spirit and He’s always developing that one in various degrees or another. So here he is being sorely tried in this way, especially. Vs. 23 in Chapter 40. Now pass the two years of time that I mentioned in Part I-What’s happening now? Chapter 41 begins with the “catalyst” of God’s whole plan even when Joseph knew nothing about it. He’s in prison confined and going about his duties as he always does but what’s happening behind the scenes? GOD MOVES! The FULNESS OF TIME for Joseph’s future “converges” with God’s time line and Earth’s time in a sequence of breath-taking events. I still hold my breath when I read this no matter how many times!!! It’s fascinating, exhilarating, remarkable and shocking as it all unfolds “speedily.” When it’s time, it’s time and nothing can stop it!

Joseph Becomes Ruler in Egypt

Chapter 41:1; “the catalyst” verse. “Now it happened at the end of two “FULL” years (that word is where I get “FULNESS OF TIME”) that Pharaoh dreamed that he was standing by the Nile River. Vs. 2-7 gives the dream he had in detail. He was so troubled by it that he summoned all of his magicians and wise men of Egypt for the interpretation, but alas; they couldn’t with all their sorceries, interpret his dreams (that’s because the devil in all his black arts, etc. is limited in knowledge and power) Amen! I could really go into something here but I’ll save it for another time. Anyway, here’s where the Chief Cup-bearer finally opens his mouth. See the “divine connection?” And we know what Joseph is doing; having a typical day still in prison but God was unfolding something new that he was about to see and experience, let’s continue…

In verse 10 of Chapter 41 the Chief Cup-bearer was remembering the dream interpretations that Joseph had given to him and the Chief Baker and how very accurate they were. (divine connection) And immediately Pharaoh had Joseph sent for. He didn’t waste any time. (because God doesn’t waste a precious second) Pharaoh’s servants hurriedly brought him out of the dungeon, Joseph shaved, changed his clothes and made himself presentable to Pharaoh. Can you imagine what was going through his mind? It says that Pharaoh got right to it and began to share about this dream he had and that he had heard that Joseph can understand and interpret dreams. Right away Joseph gave God the glory and told him it wasn’t in him to do so but God will give him a favorable answer through him. So from vs. 17-24 Pharaoh tells him the details of this dream he had while Joseph was listening. I bet his heart was about beating out of his chest by then and he was also listening to the Lord at the same time Pharaoh was talking……what a day! What a divine interruption this was! And I bet he heard the Lord so clearly that it might have even startled him in it’s clarity. And what’s so interesting is that at the end of sharing it he told Joseph that he had also told the magicians and soothsayers too but they couldn’t give the interpretation…..ha ha ha! And Joseph proceeds to give him the meaning of the dream in vs. 25-33. Right after this he tells Pharaoh what he should do; in other words, gave him the solution to it all….brilliant! which is of course God’s interpretation and answer. This was Joseph’s MOMENT, the COMPLETE FULNESS of the revelation of and the sum total of the “whys” in his life up till that time. I bet he was seeing things he had never seen before and his mind was whirling! By now he was about 30 yrs. old or so. The wisdom and the favor of God was all over Joseph–I wonder if he felt it?

In a synchronicity and precision that only God could orchestrate, God draws the threads of this impeccable timing together and Pharaoh gives Joseph the greatest position he could possibly have in his kingdom. He is so impressed also with his wisdom and so is everyone else around him, he says in vs. 38 to his servants, “Can we find a man like this (a man equal to Joseph) in whom is the divine Spirit of God?” and he said to Joseph, “since your God has shown you all this, there is no one as discerning and clear-headed and wise as you are.” He goes on and in verse 41 Pharaoh says; “See, I have set you in charge over all the land of Egypt.” Only in matters of his throne was Pharaoh greater than Joseph. Amazing!!! Like clockwork everything unfolds the way God means it to and he is given Pharaoh’s signet ring, which meant “authority.” and then he dressed him in Official Vestments of the Court, put a Gold chain around his neck and had him ride in his second chariot with runners going before him saying; “bow the knee!” Wow!!! This is so fascinating you just have to read it for yourself to get the details; Pharaoh also gave him a new name and the Daughter of one of the Egyptian priests as his wife. What a divine set-up!!! You just have to read “the rest of the story” as Paul Harvey would say….God had a great purpose and destiny for Joseph and it was to save many lives. He sent Joseph ahead of it all and used him to save Nations. He also restored his family back to him and saved them. He could have been bitter and ugly about it but he was not. Joseph loved his family, missed them and wanted their best; you just have to read it and see, ok? He was totally forgiving so God blessed him with many good years and God was given the glory!!!! That is the way it should be and the reason for the destiny in the first place.

Joseph in Egypt | Joseph in egypt, Bible heroes, Sons of jacob
Credit goes to Fellowship Bible Church

So how am I looking at this as far as my understanding? I have said it before; it’s not about me but the lesson or lessons I am picking up as I read this story, are not lost on me. In my faith walk I do a lot of listening and sometimes I think I do more listening than praying. If I am moving forward then usually I’m in a listening mode…my receiver is tuned into His voice and I’m also aware of His nuances, inflections, His “eye” upon me or I just “know” something. That’s me, and I believe that the Lord wanted me to look at this story with a more discerning eye, you might say. As I look back on my own life I can see a definite pattern He has been using for me. The neat thing is that it’s not the same pattern He uses for everyone; He tailors it uniquely to fit everybody’s person, personalities, bents, etc. and where one is at with Him in their own journey and walk. Only a believer in Christ would get it because only a believer in Christ can walk in newness of life. The Lord was using the story of Joseph to encourage me, especially in those time intervals where it’s the hardest. We all have those times where things “seemingly” just go on forever, don’t they? I could see that in Joseph’s life and so the more I read, the more encouragement I received that “God is faithful!” He will not let things go on forever nor forget me either and not fulfill His word to me, just like Joseph. And I know that too. It’s been years but I am not forgotten. His ways are definitely not my ways; they are far better!

In my sharing, I hope you were inspired also-to take another look at your own journey and be greatly encouraged!

And I would be remiss if I did not offer anyone out there in cyber-land an opportunity to make Jesus Christ Lord of your life and go on an adventure with Him to your own purpose and destiny that you were given before your birth. I am compelled to tell you that if you don’t know Him as your Savior He wants you to . Just call on Him; turn away from your sin which means repent, ask Him to come into your heart personally, and cleanse you from all unrighteousness and He will. Then ask Him to fill you with His precious Holy Spirit for the power to live this new life and give you new direction…..I’m telling you that He will. And let me know so I can encourage you. I have been walking with the Lord for over 40 yrs. I know what that walk looks like…but I don’t know everything and I am not the Holy Spirit. He will be the One you look to the most because He knows you the most and He knows you best.

One more picture; I hope to be back soon my fellow travelers! Till then…..

Joseph reveals his true identity to his brothers – and ...
Joseph reveals his true identity to his Brothers

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