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Credit goes to Vladislav Babienko

Right here, right now~ this is redemption time;   to go, to leave the old and enter the new. This is what I see and believe~ my today is a “marker~ so; “let the high praises be in my mouth and a two edged sword  in my hand, to execute upon them the judgement written.”  This is an honor!

What’s different about this day Lord? On the edge…..I’m on a launching pad. I have this sense of it this day; what’s out there Lord?

space craft on station

Credit goes to Terrence Burke

     The Word; (Psalms 42:5) P.T. 

Keep hoping and waiting on God, your Savior. For no matter what, I will still sing with praise, for living before His face is my saving Grace!

42  (vs. 7&8)  My deep need calls out to the deep kindness of your love.  Your waterfall of weeping sent waves of sorrow over my soul, carrying me away,  cascading over me like a thundering cataract. Yet all day long God’s promises of love pour over me. Through the night I sing His songs, for my prayer to God has become my life. Amen!

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Credit goes to Wisconsin photos

I believe; (( I have passed the pull of Earthly gravity and ascending. He has opened some kind of Heavenly portal over me this day~~ access I have never had before~~))

     I woke up to the song with these lyrics in them; “More love to Thee”

(Psalms 43:5) P.T.  Then I will say to my soul, “don’t be discouraged;  don’t be disturbed, for I fully expect my Savior-God to break through for me.  Then I will have plenty of reasons to praise Him all over again.”  Yes, living before His face is my saving Grace!  More lyrics to another part of a song; “My wonder, my transport when Jesus I see!” and “Praise the Lord, Praise the Lord, let the Earth hear His voice, Praise the Lord, Praise the Lord, let the people rejoice! Oh come to the Father through Jesus the Son, and give Him the Glory;  great things He hath done!!! 

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Credit goes to Gift Habeshaw

My enemies say; “Where is your God?”  I say; “He’s right here! He has never left me!  Ha!!! “To You oh Lord belong escapes from death.” Hallelujah!!!!!!

(Psalms 44:21b) P.T.   God, you know our every heart secret. You know we still want You! 

I hear:   “I have escaped like a bird from a snare!” God did something in my sleep last night-I know not what (?) I woke a lot differently this day.  Like a portal of Heaven opened over me~~ I am not the same! Oh glory!  It’s like I woke to the “SHOUT OF A KING!”  It has no explanation…I’m just sharing it with you.

(Psalms 45:1-5) P.T.  “My heart is on fire, boiling over with passion!!! Bubbling up within me are these beautiful lyrics as a lovely poem to be sung for the King.  Like a river bursting its banks, I’m overflowing with words, spilling out into this sacred story.” 

HIS ROYAL MAJESTY  Beautiful! Beautiful! Beyond the sons of men! “You are” (those are my words)  Elegant grace pours out through every word You speak.  Truly God has anointed You, His favored One, for eternity!  Now strap Your lightning-sword of judgement upon Your side…(and justice), that’s what I see;  O mighty Warrior, so Majestic!!!  You are full of beauty and splendor as You go out to war!  In Your Glory and grandeur go forth in victory! Amen!  I can hardly write and yet….I keep writing~~ In Your faithfulness and meekness the cause of Truth and Justice will stand!!!  Awe inspiring miracles are accomplished by Your power, leaving everyone dazed and astonished!  Your wounding leaves men’s hearts defeated as they fall before You broken.

((This is what’s coming))

Your Glory-Kingdom oh God, endures forever;  You are enthroned to rule with a Justice-scepter in Your hand!  You are passionate for righteousness and You hate lawlessness!  And this is about Jesus (vs. 7&8 ) P.T.  This is why God, Your God, crowns You with bliss above Your fellow kings. He has anointed You more than any other, with His oil of fervent joy, the very fragrance of Heaven’s gladness. Your royal robes release the scent of suffering love for Your bride, the odor of aromatic incense is upon You.  From the pure and shining place, lovely music that makes You glad is played for your pleasure.

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Credit goes to Emma Shappley

Oh my Fellow Travelers and Friends; I am constrained to ask……Do you know Him? Jesus Christ, the Son of God and the One who died for you to take away your sins. “There is no other Name under Heaven given among men whereby we must be saved.”  No other!  Jesus came, preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom and calling all men to repent~~ turn from your sins and fully surrender to God!  He will freely forgive you; wash and take away your sins with His blood and cast them as far as the East is from the West.  He really will do that for “you” and bring you into His family-make you a Son.  Won’t you give Him your heart, your all? He is the One who holds your breath in His hand and holds “you” in His heart.  Won’t you say “yes” to His call?  The Father is calling you, please don’t wait for another day;  NOW is the day of salvation, Now is that day.  You will pass from death unto life, from darkness to Light….the angels in Heaven will celebrate and your name will not be blotted out of the Book of Life…..won’t you come to Him? He is waiting for “you!”

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