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Continuing on…I remember a long time ago when I received this Scripture in Hebrews; Chapter 10 vs. 35, 36, 38 and 39. At that time I just put them on a shelf because I didn’t understand. Back then in the beginning of my walk with the Lord I didn’t ask questions, I didn’t know that I could. I was taught that I shouldn’t ask God questions; what foolish teaching was that! Anyway, I’m sure glad that I know the truth now. Let me go on in the Passion Translation which we did not have then and explains these verses so much better.

Vs. 35- So don’t lose your bold courageous faith, for you are destined for a great reward! (I wondered about that then) vs. 36- you need the strength of endurance to reveal the “poetry” of God’s will. (Isn’t that a beautiful way of putting it?) and then you receive the promise in full.  Vs. 38- And He also says; “My righteous ones will live from My faith.” Who’s faith? His! Here He is saying plainly “whose” faith this is. Then He says; “if fear holds them back, which is a spirit I believe and not the emotion of it….My soul is not content with them! But then the next vs. 39, says “but we are certainly not those who are held back by fear—that spirit—and perish.” We are among those who have “faith” and experience true life! Hallelujah!!!

This  is very encouraging, isn’t it? It’s refreshing to those of us who believe that Jesus is our Savior for we have called upon His Name and we have access to His faith—Amen! Boy, I love this and it’s so important to know this truth! Knowing this is such a relief from a striving, using our own wits/reasoning and ones own strength to have faith or muster it up; this doesn’t work because there is no power in our faith and it wanes when opposition comes-and it sure does. But His faith? Oh, it’s the faith that caused Him to see what was on the other side of the cross and even be joyful in the process; wow!!! It is really astounding if you think of it, really remarkable….and He was walking in the power of the Holy Spirit as a fore-runner for us….oh what love!!! Glory walking in a human form!!! This pleased God the Father and this is the way we also please Him. His joy was His strength! That doesn’t mean He did not feel the emotion of it; He sure did-most evident in the garden, but it did not stop Him from going forward in His Father’s plan—for us really and that is amazing. Let me go on to get to the crux of all I have been sharing with you my fellow travelers and friends…

So what does Chapter 11 have to say about FAITH? I love the Title of this chapter; THE POWER OF BOLD FAITH

It’s very interesting; this is what I see: 1) Faith becomes the foundation needed to acquire the things we long for & 2) Faith is all the evidence required to prove what is still unseen. I also see it as a testimony of God’s power to do… this brings me to “what” does faith do then; oh, a lot…

 It brings our hopes into reality

It empowers us to see the power of God’s words

 It moves people, inspires people to move, to do of His good pleasure

 It has the power to translate people to where God wants them

It can open ones heart to receive revelation from God

It motivates one to obedience and to step out in faith

It rests in the One who made the promise

It prompts

It enables one to chose God’s will in a situation

It’s a certainty; over ones experiences or the enemies lies

It enables one to hold on to a promise and stand firm

It stirs one to perform the feat necessary to thwart defeat

It opens the way God has to go through….

It pulls down walls

It provides a way to escape from destruction or avoid it altogether

And through “faiths” power kingdoms were conquered, true justice was established, those that went before us fastened unto their promises and pulled them into reality of their world, it shut the mouths of Lions, put out the power of fire, caused many to escape certain death, empowered people to make them strong, sparked courage to make them mighty warriors-and we can be too! It pulled armies of another realm into battle array and enabled others to endure great atrocities. Those are just a few things concerning faith and it’s fascinating!

Can you see why it’s sooooo important that we not only have it but we develop it? And how does it come? “Faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the word of God.” Romans 10:17. And we build ourselves up in our most holy faith by speaking in tongues, in the power of the Holy Spirit. This is in the book of Jude. In Matthew 17:20 this Scripture speaks of the power of the Mustard Seed.

My fellow travelers and friends, I hope this little trip into the value of our faith walk really encouraged and inspired you! There is so much more to this of course but this is where you plunge in yourself and find those treasures for your personal walk and relationship with the Lord. We go on from those elementary things to those deeper things of the Lord concerning our faith and knowing these truths makes such a solid foundation to grow on. And from believing, here is where we make our DECREES & DECLARATIONS boldly in the spirit realm; our atmospheres around us and it carries to completion that which is spoken because this is how it’s done. We are just like our Abba Father in doing these things because He spoke and it was done!

I could go on and on here but I think you get it; I pray for you, for the wisdom you need to see if there is any doubt or cloudiness or anything holding you back from taking the steps “you” need to take to get to where God wants you to go; to not be afraid but lean on and trust in with His faith to follow His path and where that takes you on your exciting journey with Him!

Till next time, here is a cheerful picture and reminder of what I just shared with you… goes to Phil Hearing for this one

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