Just Musing for 2019

Just thinking about changing my Blog a little bit. What should I do to make it more interesting? I don’t like the “white” that I seem to be stuck with because I like color!

I don’t want my Blog to be boring to look at and I want it to be eye-catching but pleasing to my fellow travelers who check out my site.

In lieu of what I’m thinking about here I have been doing some reading on Blogs in general but I’m so detail oriented that I’ve been packing too much in my brain. Really, I’m trying to keep it simple for myself and trying to cut myself some slack but I tend to get creative in my thinking and go ahead “seeing” it all complete, know what I mean? I rush past the little things that are foundational and skip it in my mind altogether and I think that I can make short cuts…..ha ha ha…and it will turn out just fine cause I’m doing it! Crazy huh? Ever been there?

It’s only February and I still have some time to take it slow and easy. Now, besides reading up on Blogs I do have some friends who are more “techy” than I am and we do meet a few times a month at one of the local Starbucks and brainstorm, share ideas and learn something new. I feel happy if I walk away with a new idea that I will be putting in play once I get it cemented as to how I want everything to look going forward. I thank God for my Friends; we all want each other to really succeed in whatever endeavor or assignments we are currently exploring in the “Cyberspace” world and try not to look too dumb while learning what our Grandchildren already know! So now ya know why this is so challenging at times and I do it to myself, thinking that I should know these things just because I have been on this Earth so long; silly I know…..you can laugh here if you want to, I won’t be offended. At this point those things don’t matter and I can laugh at myself more as I move on in life.

So these are just my rambling thoughts on a Saturday night past 11 P.M. when I should be sleeping; but, I’m a “Night Owl” and I have been all of my life. I have tried to change it, I really have, but it just doesn’t work. I seem to have an inner time clock that says it’s time to wake up oh; around 5 P.M. or so and I have more energy for some reason from that time until about mid-nite. I have tried to put myself down earlier and it just doesn’t work, I lay there and think! Does anyone relate? I really don’t know that many “Night Owls” and actually none to be honest. Am I the only one? Well, a lot of ideas and other things come to me during those hours and these for me are the best for thinking….that is why I’m Blogging now and not in the morning….well, I really “should” call it a night because it’s the Lord’s Day to celebrate His goodness with my church family and praise and worship His Holy Name together. I will find one interesting picture and call it a night fellow travelers!

woman leaning on brown wooden table while holding book

Ok; this will work……

Author: cactusflower18

In the next 20 years I believe I will be living the best years of my life. Learning to Blog is going to be part of that. My friends and family tell me I should, so I will and have fun doing so! I'm an "eternal" 70 something. I have 2 grown Daughters, 3 Grandchildren; 2 girls and a boy, and 3 Great-grandchildren. I live in AZ. I continue to grow and learn and never stop; especially about knowing my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and living in His Kingdom. I have lots of friends, love to ride motorcycles, read and occasionally watch good movies. I like to stay active so I walk a lot and do my 10 min. exercises a day through a membership in Dr. Livingood's Crews. I have cut out tons of sugar as I learned how to eat a lot healthier; I feel great! I'm brushing up on my copywriting skills and just received my first Credential for 2022; looking forward to 2023-a NEW me!!!

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