11-06-18…Part 2 Tsunami


Let me continue; this is going to go on and on. I call it a holy shakedown in unholy places, and the loosing of the bands of wickedness. Our fastings and prayers with target-specific repentance in each State, did accomplish this—–powerful!

We have no reason to lose hope just because we didn’t “see” what we expected to “see.” This one is being felt more than seen.

Here is a little bit of information on Tsunamis and a picture or two to help:

Image result for images of tsunami waves

So what triggers a tsunami?



tidal wave wall painring
Photo by Sean Manning on Pexels.com

Some people still call these “Tidal waves” but they have nothing to do with tides.

  • The series of waves generated by a tsunami is called a wave train.
  • The first wave of a tsunami may not be the biggest. There may be bigger and stronger waves to come.
  • The word “tsunami” means “harbor wave” in Japanese.
  • The warning system in the Pacific Ocean is called the DART system which stands for Deep-ocean Assessment and Reporting of Tsunamis.

What happens during a tsunami?

  1. Once the water is moved by an earthquake or other event, large waves like ripples spread out from the point where the water first moved.
  2. These waves can move quickly and for very long distances. Some tsunamis have been known to travel for thousands of miles across the ocean and travel at speeds of up to 500 miles per hour.
  3. As the waves travel through the deep parts of the ocean, their crest is usually short, only a few feet tall. This makes it difficult to detect a tsunami as they are not necessarily visible in the deep ocean.
  4. When the waves approach land and shallow water, they pile up and grow in height.
  5. At the coastline, a trough of the wave may appear. This will cause drawback to occur on the shoreline. The water may recede for some distance. This can be dangerous as people may be tempted to walk out into the open area.
  6. When the wave arrives on the shore, it will usually be a tall wall of water. The water will rush inland, sometimes for some distance and with great speed and power. The height of the tsunami wave will depend on the topography of the shoreline. Some tsunamis have been known to reach heights of 100 feet.
  7. More waves may arrive. The time period between waves may be several minutes.

These are just a few of the known facts about these dangerous waves. You can do your own research if you want more…..credit here on this article…. 

Earth Science for Kids    Tsunamis

So what does this have to do with what I’m seeing?

God is all wise and He knows what He’s doing. I trust Him! I have many reasons for my trust, too many to put down. Of course we “will” see some very powerful things as well because our world is being impacted, but trust the plan; better yet, trust the Planner.                                              Does this mean we stop praying, decreeing, proclaiming and making our declarations? No!!! We keep it up because we not only take territory but we must keep it! We must occupy and never let loose! The battle is the Lord’s but we wrestle with the enemy with His Word and partner with God as He leads us forward into victory after victory after victory! We hold our posts and stay vigilant and we do all this from our position “of” victory–seated in heavenly places IN CHRIST JESUS and staying there.

Isn’t this exciting? I am so encouraged!!! I see principles and similarities all over the place. I welcome your thoughts and comments as we journey together in “Joyful Contemplation.” 




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