A New Insight

Everybody has a voice. You have a voice and I have a voice and our Father wants to hear it.

Do you know how much He longs to hear our voice? How He leans in and listens like you or I are the only ones on earth? Here are some scriptures to back this up: 

Our voice>>> Duet. 26:7, Rom. 15:6, Rev. 7:10 are just a few. What about My voice>>> II Sam. 22:7, Psalm 5:3; 18:6, 27:7 (NIV) and “the lads voice” in Gen. 21:17….a fascinating study if one wants to pursue further! This will get you started as there are many references to check out.

I am hearing that we have a special “voice print;” a special defining characteristic that only we as humans possess. I think it’s cool! There is something in our voices that is distinctly “human” and distinctly ours. Just like a snowflake, not the same as anothers, isn’t that something? And yes, we are made in His image and likeness. Does He talk? I’ll say!!! In the beginning……

This is something from Him that sets us sooooo apart from anything else He has created. When we belong to Him and are quickened in our salvation experience, we are summoned forth from the sleep of death; if you will, that sin brought. Stop and think about it. We come ALIVE!!! We come forth truly into life! When we see Jesus as our Savior, repent of our sins and receive Him, it’s our new reality! We don’t even comprehend what all that means yet. He must chuckle because He sure does. We come forth a “new man.” (I could go on and on about that but that isn’t my subject today)

So we come forth with our own sound, our own imprint on this sphere with our unique sound that pierces the atmosphere around us. Everyone hears it, everything hears it…..and it’s important. We don’t know yet just how important it is, but our Father in heaven knows because we came from Him.

Jesus His Son rejoices! Holy Spirit is thrilled! He says that there is nothing “like us…..like them” and He can’t wait to hear us talk! I said, “Really?” Yes, really! “Your voice to me is just as important as your distinctive fingerprints. WOW! I ask why and He says “because your voices carry weight.” (oh, that’s a whole study in itself for the spirit realm) 

If I have piqued your interest you might want to check this out; 

The Gospel Faith Messenger   020-Your Voice~A Prophetic Trumpet! By Rodney W. Francis

Scientifically this:   It’s amazing, isn’t it? Maybe more to come but this will do it for now. Comments are welcome and even additions for further study.

Voiceprints taken from this article but one can look it up online to get to the links; I haven’t figured out how to do that from here yet….LOL! Still learning……

Speaker recognition systems use spectrograms to represent human voices.

Your voice is unique because of the shape of your vocal cavities and the way you move your mouth when you speak. To enroll in a voiceprint system, you either say the exact words or phrases that it requires, or you give an extended sample of your speech so that the computer can identify you no matter which words you say.

When people think of voiceprints, they often think of the wave pattern they would see on an oscilloscope. But the data used in a voiceprint is a sound spectrogram, not a wave form. A spectrogram is basically a graph that shows a sound’s frequency on the vertical axis and time on the horizontal axis. Different speech sounds create different shapes within the graph. Spectrograms also use colors or shades of grey to represent the acoustical qualities of sound. This tutorial has a lot more information on spectrograms and how to read them.

Some companies use voiceprint recognition so that people can gain access to information or give authorization without being physically present.

Pg. 2

Definition of voiceprint 

an individually distinctive pattern of certain voice characteristics that is spectrographically produced


One can even have art as a Voiceprint Gift; even musical!



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7 thoughts on “A New Insight”

  1. I like. And the angels harkened to the voice of His word to perform it. Ps 103:20
    Let us decree and speak forth His Word as His Spirit leads us. He is waiting for us to do so. Praise God!


  2. YES! I LOVE THAT!!! – we make a unique imprint that penetrates the atmosphere! Talk about power of words! Speak LIFE! Decree God’s Word! Change your atmosphere! Put’s new insight into declaring over your circumstances, space, and community!


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