My Assignment Today is “Who is Your Favorite Author, and Why?

This is one of my shorter missives; Let me tell you who this is and always will be. Among some of my favorites like Arthur Conan Doyle, Agatha Christie, Erle Stanley Gardner, Emily Bronte; they are just some of my favorites…but the best one is Elizabeth Peters who writes in the first person “mysteries” involving THE Amelia Peabody Emerson and her whole family; even the family Cat! Oh, she has such adventures as her family are Egyptologists and very much involved in Archeology in that country.

Every book she writes carries the reader through new adventures with such twists and turns that if one is an avid Mystery reader, they are not that easy to figure out. They are like watching a full color movie that just keeps one on the edge of their seats till the very end.

Here is a picture of one of her books…I highly recommend her books if you are a Mystery lover!

The Assignment Today; What Color Describes My Personality and Why?

TEAL is the color that describes my personality.

In case one isn’t that familiar with this color, it’s a green-tinged blue. They are both cool colors and I see myself that way; I don’t tend to get all riled up easily so I’m pretty even tempered-takes a lot for me to feel angry depending on what’s going on and sometimes I feel misunderstood and may look like I don’t care but truth is I really do; I just don’t wear it. I believe my feelings run deep and can be gut wrenching…from really caring about someone or something and wanting to act on it.

These are also “water” colors and so I’m a pretty calm person as a rule. TEAL is close to Turquoise and according to its meaning; it symbolizes compassion, calmness, clarity and being able to communicate. (Maybe that’s why I love to write) This is a balanced stable color indicating stability. Yup, I think I’m like this but NOT perfect by any means.

It is my go-to splash of color whenever I want to brighten up my wardrobe or decor. Now I see why…it’s effects on me are positive, especially for concentration. But it speaks of growth, peace and empathy. It has its negative side which would be narcissism, stress, secrecy and boastfulness. Oh my! Lord, help me on that side of things, I sure don’t want to lean in that direction!

Just as a side note, this colors name is from the Eurasian Duck-how interesting!

For my information I site; For me it’s the biblical side of things. And the name TEAL means morality and renewal and that fits; oh yes, and I’m the creative type.

Just so you know. I don’t know how to make that pic. smaller as I wanted it to be. Not sure I did this correctly but hope someone comments and tells me how or shows me where to go. The tutorials on WP are so fast and I don’t understand this block stuff. I would like to go back to simple.


New Years Poetry!

This is normally not my thing but this is what the Father gave me on New Years Eve. Something has changed on this format but I will do my best to put this out.

Hope everyone is doing good this year so far…we are half way through this month and I can hardly believe it; seems like the days have been cut in half. Well, here goes…

A Year for Me, Clutter Free ……………………………………….Stepping Into 23 …..……… ..A Year for You and Me, for Us To See……………….What’s Never Been Seen Before .A Year for You and ME…………………………………………………………….Finally With ME!.

A Year Like No Other, NO!!!…………………………………………..Not Like Any Other

….SoBelieve… in… ME……………..Trust in ME………..Bend the KneeFor it’s the Safest Place to Be!

Oh People in the Land of the FREE- Look to ME!!!…………………………….




A Year for ME, A Year for You; KNOW THAT I WILL SEE YOU THROUGH! A Year for ME, A Year for You2023!!!

Ok, I’ll try to find an appropriate picture from Unsplash, as it’s my favorite go to…

Until next time….and hopefully sooner than before!!!

An Encouraging Word!

Well, here I am again and sooner than I thought. Sometimes people just need a good word and so I got back here to hopefully encourage and help somebody.

Courtesy of Unsplash Photos

It’s been a rough two years or so, hasn’t it? I don’t believe that anyone is the same in this whole world, do you? This has been good, bad, and ugly for sure and personally I feel like I’ve been the ball in the pin-ball game of life. How are you my friends and fellow travelers? How are you faring right now? Is this shaking bringing you into a better place overall or worse; or is it just not easy to evaluate at the moment?

One thing I believe this has done for me is to give me other perspectives on life that I never thought of before, how about you? Another is that I now want more “honest” answers to my questions and I’m running to my heavenly Father for those like never before.

I am not content to just suppose, assume or coast in life. I don’t think I can afford to do that in any sense of the word; life is too short to not want those truthful answers. So, as I had some moments to ponder on life in general this is what I began to hear, and I can’t say that I have thought like this before, but this is what I will share…you check it out and see if it makes sense to you and feel free to comment.

The Father says to His beloved; we don’t have to like what everyone else does, don’t have to go where everyone else goes, don’t have to do what everybody else does; our preferences are our own individual preferences, etc. Are everyone’s taste buds even the same? How about fingerprints? We are different and He likes it that way. He wants us free; right now from other’s expectations; what they think we ought to do, be, prefer, etc. He doesn’t want us living like that…this will be a great weight off of our shoulders if we can receive it.

Some of us have been wound up so tight in others perceived expectations that we have not been who we really are and so we are “off” in our own expectations and perceptions and our view of life in general has been skewed. He desires to correct this so we can walk in His truth. There is a certain conformity, but this is His view of it….”to be conformed to the image of His dear Son Jesus.” Be conformed this way and one can’t go wrong. He wants us to “be” who we are in Him. He made us with our individual tastes, preferences, proclivities and personalities, etc. He desires freedom in who He created us to be! For example, I’m one of a kind like everyone else is. There is no equal in how He created me. It’s not a matter of pride but of honor. It’s what is talked about in His word concerning “preferring one another more than oneself.” We don’t become nothing or less-than in Kingdom thinking, but we let one another shine and come forth as he created them; just like us. He has no favorites-man does. His desire is freedom from that old mind set because that’s the old man nature pushing others aside so that we can be the one in the (what we call) the lime-lite. That’s not how the Kingdom works!

He wants us to see that the worlds mindset produces pride, selfishness, envy and jealously and it’s for attention. One can watch this in little children. (His example, not mine) When a mature adult sees it they try to correct it. We call it when we see it and sometimes we say, “You have to learn to share!” The root of it is attention. It’s “look at me, look at what I got!” See it? The bent is there and it has to be curbed. Why? It will bring trouble in one form or another.

He says, “As your Father, I know this. I desire to correct it in My children. Do you see?” If this attitude is not corrected it will bring trouble, and on an adult scale. A child’s scale could be that another child gets wounded; literally and emotionally…depending on the child. That wound could go deep in one while another isn’t that bothered. I look at it all-I see it all. It is not My desire for my children to wound one another as all My children are equal in My eyes and important to Me. I desire all My children to shine as the stars in the heavens do. No one is greater than another in their creation but “positionally” they are or can be placed according to the design I gave them.” The examples are also in what I created. No star is the same and no snowflake-it doesn’t matter…for a star is a star and a snowflake is a snowflake and a snowflake will never be a star and vice-versa; and that’s not all. There are many examples of such creativity and design if one just looks.

“I have a point I’m making as your heavenly Father. I desire unity and harmony in My children but not conformity as the world system defines it. There is no need to walk in pride. For what do you have that I did not supply? No, there is no need to be selfish, envious or jealous of one another. These are attitudes in the world and in the “old man” of the flesh. I teach you to put off the old man and put on the new, so that you My children will not be wounded by one another anymore than you have been. My heart wants you healed and whole and walking free from the old mindsets. In the new man that I have made you to be through My Son’s sacrifice; you can! He has made it possible for you to walk in love and in the honor of the “new creation” man. You really can because I have given My Holy Spirit to help you. He has the fruit, all you have to be is willing to carry it and give it out in His power.”

Can you see that this is the better way to walk? Wow! It frees us up from guilt and feeling inferior or superior to someone else, right? What a relief that is! He was showing me that there really is no comparison because each of us are really different and unique and have value in His eyes, even identical twins. He went on to show me that His word says not to compare ourselves with one another because it’s not wise. I can see why, can’t you? And He also showed me that He has room in His heart and Kingdom for all. He said; “We do not compare.” Can you imagine that? No comparison, no judgement, no unhealthy measuring…I have a hard time imagining that, really.

Now I know this but it’s good to be reminded, that Jesus died for all mankind. And He said, “Do you fit that description?” Of course! “Well then, if you do, you qualify for all of Our love and attention!” How about that? No one is left out of the picture or out in the cold! He went on to say that His Holy Spirit is given to all who believe in His Son Jesus as Savior. There is equal access for all who would receive it; it is a choice. There is opportunity to grow in grace and in faith in His word and Spirit. What a conversation we had! He just kept talking and it was from His heart…I can still feel this as I write! And He said…

“I know how to bring My children along. Thus all of you are in different stages of growth and in this knowledge learn to walk. Let the fruit of the Holy Spirit manifest in you, not the old works of the flesh. Can you see how this leads to peace–and yes, even a unity in spirit and truth?”

So then He ended this lovely time with Him this way; this is what He is after. He desires to see this and in abundance…right now and in this world. For us to walk in love and in unity of the faith, and we will have such peace, harmony and fruitfulness-and the world will see it and will know that His Son Jesus really came and by His presence and glory within us, that He came for their salvation too. He said to live the word and live in the word and They (talking about the God-head) will be glorified. Wow, wow, wow!!! What beautiful words of truth; it encourages me to really be “me” and appreciate the way He designed me to be. That just lifts my spirit, soul and body!!!

Well, I really hope that this really encouraged you and in some way you feel better about who “you” are in Christ and we are in this journey together even if we are in separate lanes. So let me find the appropriate picture here or maybe two; I just like to do that…till next post…there is plenty of scripture hiding in this word, see if you can find it.

Courtesy of Unsplash
Courtesy of Unsplash Photos

Let the Light In!

What am I experiencing and seeing this morning? Oh my! In His presence and watching Prophet Robin Bullock again at the Gathering of Tribal Nations Conference in Window Rock AZ…and I keep watching and listening to it on YouTube over and over again since coming back from there this past weekend. I am not the same and I will never be the same!!! It was sooooo powerful!!!

Compliments of Dan Slade/Unsplash

This is the famous Window Rock on the Navajo Reservation. After the event, my friends and I toured this beautiful place. I just wanted to share the photo of what it looks like; so beautiful!!!

Anyway, on the lines of what I want to share today I just want to say that after watching this and without my choosing, a broadcast of the late Prophet Kim Clement came on from Jan. 24th, 2015 and it just fit into what I have been experiencing… and as I’m still in the blessed and glorious presence of the Lord I’m seeing myself before the throne of Grace; at the same time I’m thinking about what I can bring in prayer before Him concerning my Nation…the USA. The Father, Ancient of Days is waiting for me to speak, to ask…since He “knows” before I say a word, and my thinking is based on something I just heard the other day about the state of the body of Christ that troubles me.

I’m asking the Holy Spirit, since I pray by this principle; “Open your mouth wide and I will fill it.” and my desire is what He wants, so I ask for precision and clarity in Christ’s body and add peace~His shalom, to think clearly, precisely and accurately. I’m praying; speaking along these lines and Holy Spirit gives me this word-coalesce. (it means to grow together or into one body, to unite so as to form one mass; community, or to blend or come together) I can see the strategy He wants! So I formulated my prayer as to what I was shown and backed it with His word, Amen!

I’m seeing our Nation/America in such a state of disunity and strife but what the worst part of this state of affairs is; it’s worse in the Body of Christ, the body of Believers in Jesus! This isn’t good. What is that saying to the world? This just cannot continue because a house divided against itself cannot stand! And this is happening in individuals, peoples and Nations. God looks for those in His body who agree with His word. “The eyes of the Lord go to and fro over all the earth, that He might prove Himself strong on behalf of those whose hearts are perfect toward Him.” To be that way means that we are paying attention to “how” we are walking and talking before Him. But the good news is that we can change!!!

It’s not too late to consider our ways; especially now. I hear the words grace & mercy. I believe that this is being extended to us right now…also the word justice. I also believe that we are being humbled and disciplined too and we cannot take this lightly. It doesn’t mean that we are being condemned but if we would receive it we are being “convicted” of the Holy Ghost so we can make those necessary changes with His help. I don’t know about you but I would rather agree with Him and take my medicine than to “be” condemned with the world.

Jesus said His words are Spirit and His words are life! I would rather choose that than follow the ways of the worlds carnal system, wouldn’t you? According to His word we are to be living by every word that proceeds out of His mouth…He’s still speaking…individually and collectively and in so many ways right now. Are we listening and are we “hearing” what He’s saying? It’s important to be agreeing and speaking His words; why? He said that life and death are in the power of the tongue and we receive that either way by what we say. I don’t want to be speaking words that are contrary, negative, causing strife, contention, etc. because I know that this is how the enemy of our souls gains inroads against us. I’m more conscious now of what I’m saying…even more…what I’m thinking than ever before in my life and I think the Holy Spirit is shining a light on this area of my life; ouch!!! but it is so necessary though painful to see it and how damaging it is and has been and He is gracious enough to tell me what’s lurking there….ew! What helps me even more is the fact that I do not desire in any manner to let the enemy find fleshhooks that he can grab and make those inroads in my life without me even knowing about it. That ticks me off!!! And; get this, if you don’t know it already….he; that slimeball, would have the legal right to harrass me also. I don’t want to experience unnecessary warfare or harassment. I’m sure you don’t either because hasn’t he already had a heyday in our lives? The devil is “as” a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour; I don’t want to be devourable, right? (is that even a word) LOL!

I just want to let the LIGHT in! Pull back the curtains, open up the windows; let the staleness, mustiness, dust….out…open up the doors; drive the devils out, don’t you??? Oh let the refreshing rain of the Holy Ghost fall!!! If we would judge ourselves then we won’t be judged; that’s in the word of God. Our flesh man doesn’t like it but as Believers in Christ we are to live from our spirit-man because we have been made new in our spirits…oh Hallelujah!!! I don’t care if my flesh-man doesn’t like it; too bad! I have learned that the new man that I am in my spirit has all authority over the enemy but I will lack the power to use it if I allow my flesh-man and it’s proclivities to let “sin” and yes, that’s what it is, to reign in my life. I have learned that I don’t have to let it because the Greater One lives in me now. This is such good news!!! The Holy Spirit is the One who raised Christ from the dead and He has all the power I need but I am responsible to choose life. Yay!!! I can say NO to the world system, the flesh (mine) and the devil with the help of the Holy Spirit! This isn’t new revelation but to me personally I’m understanding it much more clearly in application besides getting a review of truths I cut my spiritual teeth on. It feels like I grew another 5 inches….in my spirit…if that is possible and I’m standing taller against the evil one. (I’m looking for an appropriate picture here)

Unsplash image

Love the picture!!! It’s how I’m feeling!!! Bursts of His HOPE comes through me now and I realize the greatness…again…of my salvation, zoe’ life and all that Jesus came to give me and that gives me courage to stand! I am willing to change and become all He wants me to be and not miss out on a thing. This is no longer on academic levels but in tried and true “relationship” with Him; the Royal Three in One. I may have begun purely academically but no more-He’s my LIFE, MY LOVE and MY FRIEND! I could not live without HIM….gotta have HIS presence and I’m closer now to having it totally in HIS GLORY forever!!!

So how do I close this…on a happy but truthful note! Let us walk in love! Love like He does with tender hearts and taking no offense and giving none either if we can help it. Let’s get along and treat each other with dignity and honor, as that is Heaven culture…why not get used to it down here in the good, bad and ugly and occupy till Jesus comes, right??? And be doers of the word and not hearers only; our Heavenly Father will be so pleased to see us, His children, walking this way and He will receive the glory, honor and praise due Him. Let’s formulate a prayer for one another all over the world with that coalesce word that means so much at this time. And thank you Jesus for making it possible to live like this!!!

One more picture would be so appropriate…


Note; I deliberately didn’t put chapter and verse so you my Friends could do your own searching and be blessed by what our Father shows “you” personally!

Gotta have one more….

I couldn’t resist this one since it’s about their future!!!

Just Catching Up!

I’m going to write in this right now. It’s already the 18th of February and it’s flying right by me! I set up a Calendar because I wanted to be a bit more organized but it isn’t even panning out. Practically nothing of what I put there worked out the way that I planned it and it’s surprising because I’m not that kind of person.

Credit goes to Tyler Nix

Somebody said recently; “It’s in the spontaneous this time, not the calculated or planned.” Boy is that ever true this year!

I did manage to do my homework-yes, I’m in school again online and love it….and forwarded my first assignment to my teachers. This picture I’ve posted just gives you a little idea of how organized and minimal my work area needs to be. I don’t need much but I do want it to be comfortable and not cluttered.

I’ve given myself a whole year to take this course so that I can be a “Certified” Copywriter. I’m really not thinking that it will take that long because when I went to college online for a two year degree in Business I had it in one with a 4.0 and on the Honor Roll too! I was surprised myself because I enrolled as a Senior; over 50…my…my! Oh what fun! I give the glory to God because He really helped me through that. I was working full time and often up till 3 A.M. And come to think about it, it was a spontaneous choice then too with the same amount of money; that’s interesting. Looking back I wonder why on earth did I do that?

Well, as it’s being brought to my mind…I think it has to do with right now; don’t ask me why but I believe so. I’ve signed up for classes this year and I believe that there’s a reason and God has it up His sleeve, as it were. Mmm; I have to think-where has all of this come from and how fast. Thinking backwards, I never planned it or even thought of it; the opportunities just popped up! I’m either crazy or I’m tracking with God in a more creative way. Is it possible; why not?

Credit goes to Belinda Fewings

This picture fits. And thinking about this whole thing excites me! I’m not one who can sit still very long unless I’m studying. My face is in the Bible in various translations, a book, or I’m studying something online. I stopped watching TV in 2017 and I don’t miss it at all.

So where am I going? I know I’m going to “what & where” God promised but not in a route I would take myself or even see it-not in a million years! Like I posted last time, a roller coaster ride for sure and very unpleasant to the senses (2020 & 21); the crappiest years of my life and not because of the people, because for the most part I’ve met some really genuine, lovely and generous fun people, but the hardest most ugly circumstances. It’s either that or I never noticed them before to that extent. It’s a very long journey I’ve been on and God isn’t a Liar. I just flat-out believe that if I ask Him to lead and guide me into all truth, He will. It’s not complicated. It’s in the word somewhere where it’s written; actually it’s Luke 11:11-13 (AMP) What father among you, if his son asks for a fish, will he give him a snake instead? No! And according to your faith be it unto you. Yes!

Now I just can’t help but believe that I was born for this time on the earth and alive for a reason. I may not yet know what that is specifically but I see pieces that my Heavenly Father has in His hands. There is something He put in me before He sent me from Him in the first place. It’s a mystery and I’m supposed to discover it but I see that it’s only revealed through knowing God’s Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit-the Spirit of Truth and Jesus is the Truth, and He reveals my Father as I cultivate that kind of relationship. That’s why I see pieces…..something like this—

Credit goes to Ross Sneddon

and not the whole picture “yet” just like this puzzle. I will, because He wastes nothing…broken pieces of my life coming together like dry bones….and oh how they will come together, meeting with other people who have been broken, have broken pieces too-who would guess? And what is Father God going to do with us—well, He specializes in Masterpieces! He makes real beauty out of ashes and makes us jewels in His crown! Isn’t that wonderful? He also makes us a mighty army in His arsenal; ferocious and fearless!!! I also believe that we are being honed and sharpened right now….for this Kingdom Age and Era. This is biblical; the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand and Jesus said this the most when He was on this earth operating as a man-in the flesh. He is our pattern and blue-print to go by.

Reminds me of who I am!

My my, I just sat down to do a little writing and all of this just flowed from my heart! Ha Ha; it’s been a while but I love to write! So I hope my scribing brought a little encouragement to someone out there in cyberland who needed it. It’s past midnight in Arizona so time to call it a day! Just one more picture……MIGHTY WARRIOR FIT FOR BATTLE!!!


Happy New Year 2022!!!

Oh folks, it’s been too long…..I never meant for such a long time to go by between posts but so much has changed since 2020 and lives have been topsy-turvy ever since. Do you relate? My idea was to just keep writing away and never fail to have something to write about. Oh I think I did but not what I wanted to. Has it been a tough, hard and super challenging last couple of years for you too, my fellow travelers, friends, family, etc.?

I have wanted the world to stop so I could get off more than a few times!

green and brown roller coaster under blue sky during daytime
Credit goes to Jonny Gios

Here’s a picture of where I have been sometimes, how about you? Does this picture kind of give us a frame of reference?

When I was little I rode the old fashioned roller coaster, there are probably few of those left. I can hear the rails creaking, clacking and cranking as this one goes slowly up the track before it takes that fast plunge to the bottom; oh, I can just hold my breath thinking about it-which is what I used to do. For some reason I could ride one of those and the ferris wheel too even though I have been subject to motion sickness all of my life. I thought I would outgrow it but nay, that did not happen physically. Look at this picture, does that bring memories or what?

Credit goes to Robert Linder

My goodness, doesn’t look that safe to me. Just that bar holding one in with some little handle to hold on to, I’m surprised that I got into the thing. And the next one? NO WAY!!!

Credit goes to Elizabeth Villalta

Well, I just wanted to check in the first part of the year because despite everything I am still here and I have stories to tell but not yet, I bet you do too! I don’t feel so much the roller coaster effect as much as I did at the beginning but if you know me, you know it’s because of my faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. I will give Him the glory and credit Him for my safety and help in time of need……so many times and just at the 11:59 or 55 hour too.

It’s my intention to keep at this now since there has been a “pause” button pushed by my heavenly Father and He’s regrouping, re-aligning, refreshing and restoring me from this rough ride I’ve been on….yes; and He is faithful to finish what He started.

With that I will leave you with happy pictures of 2022!!!

Credit to Moritz Knoringer
photo of orange and white fireworks

Credit goes to Joseph Chan

With that I bid you good evening till next post…

What A Revelation!

woman in white top sitting on sofa
Credit for photo goes to Joel Muniz

What am I seeing today? It’s very interesting and bears some thought. Ever heard of waking up on the wrong side of the bed? Well, I did because I had some ugly thoughts bombarding my mind and I wasn’t even all the way awake yet or out of my bed. So as this was happening, I just threw my robe on, grabbed Coffee and sat down to get into the Word of God; I know how to do that much when I’m being assailed.

Here’s where my text took me and I’m so glad it did because I have had those experiences too many times and I was getting tired of them; I asked some questions as I was finding my place. Here is what I read in the Amplified version of the Bible. “I am filled to the brim with comfort; I am overflowing with joy, in spite of all our trouble. (Oh, and this is in the 7th Chapter of II Cor. verses 4, 5, & 6.) It begins in the second part of vs. 4. and vs. 5 says; “For even when we arrived in Macedonia our bodies had no rest, but we were oppressed at every turn-conflicts and disputes without, fears and dread within.” in vs. 6 the first part says; “BUT GOD, (and this stood out to me) who comforts and encourages the depressed and the disquieted, comforted us.” This was so right on!!! I was feeling uncomfortable and wondering why, and why so many times lately, and in the morning when I didn’t even have my thoughts straight or put together this was happening, and so I was asking God questions about this, and this was His wonderful answer. It’s what I believe He showed me so read on.

In all of the words and descriptions that I am going to share I hope that great encouragement and comfort comes to you also as you my need it too, my fellow travelers and friends. I am becoming more aware as the days go by that the enemy of my soul seeks to bring about mental and emotional instability. These times especially, he wants people to become more and more unbalanced and double-minded. One can easily see it all around. The devil does not want people to have any kind of composure at all and he seeks at every opportunity to throw ones mind into confusion or apathy….make sense???

I love to do word searches and so my first word that I just looked up was this word “disquieted.” You don’t hear that word very much these days but it means to be uneasy, a lack of calm; uncomfortable in body or mind… and I know it’s sometimes both. That’s what I was feeling. Under tension and strain the enemy comes in to attack ones mind and hit their equilibrium. I also saw something for the first time as I was being shown very clearly that this is one of his nasty weapons. What I had been doing when these attacks of the mind came was going into the Word, playing praise & worship songs, and trying to get my mind to replace that ugly feeling. He was showing me that that’s all good as far as it goes but there is more to it; one has to confront it head-on! This was not a case of my own thoughts because I had gone to bed very peaceful and slept just fine but only woke up to this bombardment in my mind, notice the word bomb. That.. is what it was like. My next word that I looked up was equilibrium and that is:

a state of rest or balance due to the equal action of opposing forces .equal balance between any powers, influences, etc.; equality of effect .mental or emotional balance; equanimity:( The pressures of the situation caused her to lose her equilibrium.)

Isn’t that interesting……and I knew it wasn’t me, that’s the deal and so I could see that this was a mind battle and I was to confront it and not waste any time. This is the kind of thing that if not discovered and dealt with will lead to anxiety and fears, the kind you can’t put your finger on, and even later; depression. We have all been there and some may still be there and wondering what is going on in their mind (?) Well, this day Holy Spirit is going to burst that bubble and if one will receive it, be set free from this attack because you will know what it is and who did it and why. You will also recognize it if it should come back in another form and deal with it immediately because you will see it for what it is. That is victory in the mind, if you will. Do you see my point? God is good and if we ask Him for wisdom He will be so glad to give it in “any” area of our lives; Hallelujah!!!

This was short, sweet and to the point and this was my remedy; I took authority over those spirits from the enemy and bound them, cast them into the dry places, used the Word of God where it talks about our weapons of warfare, and forbid them to operate . If we are Believers in Jesus Christ we have been given those weapons to use; to wield them in the spirit in faith, and by speaking out loud and calling them out by the words of what they are causing to happen or feel in ones mind or body. Speak God’s word into our atmosphere. satan is a liar and a defeated foe and he has no power against us unless we give it to him. Sometimes we do and we don’t even know it. I didn’t even see this form of attack; didn’t even know it was an attack against my mind until I asked the Holy Spirit what is going on here? See? God is so willing to show us about anything in our lives that we don’t seem to have a handle on. I’m so glad that He is a patient and loving Father to His children, aren’t you? He perfects that which concerns us!

Now in these scriptures it was the Apostle Paul who was sharing here and he first spoke about the comfort and joy that he was brimming over with. The reason Paul was that way is because of the Holy Spirit who Jesus said is our Comforter. He had comforted Paul and in my case He definitely had comforted me in my situation. (He is a very present help in trouble) I hope this was helpful. I deliberately left some things out because you need to know things for yourself; to search a matter out, ask your questions about anything to do with life, believe that He will answer and He will. Go to His Word, use a dictionary even if you think you got it; you and I don’t understand something perfectly. We miss a lot by not searching for “ourselves” and finding the answers we need, He wants us to if we are in relationship with Him. In the Word it says; “My people perish for lack of knowledge.” It’s a revelation even when God uses the humble dictionary to look something up. So here’s a happy little picture when a little one discovers something new in his Bible; probably a Childrens Bible full of pictures and stuff that he can relate to; isn’t this sweet? Thank you Ben White for allowing me to use your picture from Unsplash.

One more from Priscilla Du Preeze; A Holy Bible, a must have in ones arsenal of Spiritual weapons!

A Bit Of Encouragement

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Credit goes to Waldemar Brandt from Unsplash

Hello my fellow travelers! I was just wondering how everyone is doing?

It has been quite a year in 2020, hasn’t it? I thought personally that I would be doing more on here than I actually did as you can see, so sorry….I meant well in my own planning but that year was full of twists and turns and not like anything I could ever imagine….but….I’m still here and my desire is still to be one of your sources of encouragement, at least. I didn’t fall off the face of the earth or lose my faith. I am reminded to check out Joseph’s story again and see a few parallels to this time; who would have thought? I was also reading my Blog posts concerning the Ice-burg and the Titanic as well as the Tsunami I wrote about. As I look at these again, I think they are more pertinent to now more than ever.

So really, how is everyone in cyber-land doing? How are you viewing events from 2020 and going into 21? Are you hopeful or in the dumps, or even despairing? Do you feel like you are losing the battle, plowing through or just hanging on with your fingernails? I am doing what I can to stay encouraged and focused. I’m a thinker and an analyzer so it’s like my thoughts are spilling out like drawers in my mind and tumbling out all over the place and I’m trying to capture them and make sense as I do; ever been there? There is so much I want to say to be uplifting and positive right now. I don’t want to be glib or trite in what I say either.

cactus plant near red flowers

Image by Unsplash Alex Plesovskich

Ok; pretty soon Arizona will look like this for the Spring. I’m ok right now with the cooler weather because last year it seemed like we hardly even got a Spring season. Right now it’s raining!!!! That is an event here, but it’s also a little colder….I’m still ok with that.

As I have been pondering on what I could write to really start off this year on a positive note, I believe I have been given the answer; just the right thing to encourage and uplift my fellow travelers and cyber-friends; and so, in my reading this morning I opened my Bible to II Cor. 1:1-11 and this really stood out to me.

The Apostle Paul was sharing with the Church at Corinth and he was speaking of a time when things got so bad for him, Timothy and some others in Asia Minor, that they utterly despaired of life! It says that they were so weighed down beyond their strength that they believed they had received the “sentence of death.” They were convinced that they would die. Boy oh boy, does that sound like where many are at today? It sure does…..

However when one keeps reading it’s so powerful in its positive expression that it cannot be ignored or refuted. It goes on to say why. “this happened so that we would not trust in ourselves, but in God who raises the dead.” Wow, powerful and potent to the core!!! This came alive to me as if I was there listening to him share his story and what he learned from it. It goes on to say in vs. 10…”He rescued us from so great a threat of death, and will continue to rescue us. On Him we have set our hope. And He will again rescue us from danger and draw us near.” Did you get that, did you see that? God is so good! This spoke volumes to me and I read it over and over and I just knew that I had to share this for some wilting soul out there seemingly with no hope. God does not leave one like that forever. Yes, there are very dark times on this earth because we live in a fallen world but… way or another our God comes through for His children. (I Cor. 10:13 is a reminder for this)

I could have stopped right there and it would have been enough but I believe that the Holy Spirit nudged me to go one more verse and that is (11) and this is very important because of the importance of prayer in a Believers life as it pertains to ones fellow Brethren and Sistren (that’s my word). I don’t think we understand the POWER and importance now, and I realize that many out there in the body of Christ have not been taught it’s import and so have not really taken that very seriously. It’s a weakness I think we have that needs to be corrected or shored up, I myself have also not taken it at times as seriously as I should either; so Lord help me to see it the way You do!!! I really want to be stronger in this area; help me Jesus! Right? And He will answer this petition. He wants our prayers, He desires our petitions and intercessions! Anyway, back to verse 11.

It says; “while you join in helping us by your prayers.” How? It says, by your prayers. That is powerful! So how did they get rescued? By the prayers of the Saints that were praying for them. God doesn’t care about how eloquent our prayers might be, just that we would PRAY! Does that make sense? I sure do remember Peter and the prayers that went up for him and God sent an angel to deliver him out of prison. I am just seeing this in a different and more glorious way than I ever have; prayer is not meant to be mundane or a chore but “out of this world” somehow. And glorious means “delightful, wonderful; completely enjoyable.” It also means brilliantly beautiful or magnificent; splendid.” Ah; that makes me want to pray more, what about you? Or put more heart into it. It puts a totally different slant on things. And to finish this verse it says; “Then thanks will be given by many persons on our behalf for the gracious gift of deliverance granted to us through the prayers of many Believers.

You know, I didn’t even know that deliverance was a gift from God. I never even saw it like that; but it is! I have heard that some Believers who have been imprisoned have not even asked for this when they were persecuted for their testimony of Christ, they have only asked that their faith would grow stronger and their testimony would stand because they desired a greater resurrection….oh my….I cannot even say that I am like that as I think about my own faith. I just wonder if I would be if He would call for it. If so it would definitely be because it was His will and the Grace I would need would have to be there because I know that in and of myself I possess no strength, endurance or power to do so on my own. I also know that there are others who pray to be delivered and right now I would be one of them….just speaking the truth here. It’s where I am at and I don’t think I am alone on this. There is no condemnation with either choice but there is Grace on both-amen!

So as I thread this together it tells me that God is doing a rescue mission right now in this nation and as I listen, pray, and intercede, and I’m in the word of God for myself, I can see it unfolding behind the scenes. God never reveals His hand until He is ready; most of the time around the 11:59 hour when all seems lost or dead. That is just how He works and Paul here certainly got the picture afterwards. It is all for the glory of God; He gets the credit for His brilliance and His love for His people and He will not ignore all the prayers, fastings, and repentance of believing Saints-even all around the world for our Nation. The true Prophets have spoken. It will be as God said, but how and when is God’s choice. It is also a test of ones faith; “We walk by faith and not by sight.” “Though He slay me yet will I trust Him.” That means when all earthly hope is gone I will yet trust in His heart and character while the contradiction is still seen in the natural. That can be scary and it can feel like a lot of pressure but it will cause men to cling to Him or push Him away in unbelief; so help me God to cling and keep believing while I stand on Your word!

I really hope this was helpful and encouraging. I have some of the names of those Prophets/prophetic people of God that are hearing the word of the Lord right now. I don’t know of them all but the ones I listen to have proven track records for years and walk in the integrity of their calling. Prophet/Pastor Hank Kunneman, Revelator (she calls herself that) Kat Kerr, Johnny Enlow, Robin Bullock, Chuck Pierce, Pastor Tim Sheets and his brother Dutch Sheets, Lance Wallnau, Mario Murillo, Jeff Jensen, and Prophet Kim Clement’s words when he was still on this earth; that’s just a few and I know there are more. One can often see and hear them on FlashPoint on the Victory channel or Elijah List on Steve Schultz live stream. I hope this is encouragement for your souls going forward while we wait on the Lord-Amen! It took a little time for me to get this one together but I finally did. Till next time…..It doesn’t matter how small your faith may be; just let it grow!!!

One last picture from Unsplash by Severin Candrian

person holding green plant on blue pot

Back To Joseph’s Story Part II credit for the picture

It is the word of the Lord that tries us. He says something to us and we must choose to either “believe” or “disbelieve” what He said. I believe that’s how the journey begins. It’s not a Bible study, it’s much more personal and where one is at with their “walk” with the Lord; even if it’s just beginning. I also believe that He’s the initiator because of “His” agenda and He knew about it before you came to Earth to reside in your Mom…and it doesn’t matter how you got here—you’re here! With that said, let’s go back to the story.

We left off where Joseph has seemingly been forgotten. And here’s that time interval that can be so frustrating by trying ones patience, true? Yes! because patience is not a natural thing with the whole human race; it’s a fruit of the Holy Spirit and He’s always developing that one in various degrees or another. So here he is being sorely tried in this way, especially. Vs. 23 in Chapter 40. Now pass the two years of time that I mentioned in Part I-What’s happening now? Chapter 41 begins with the “catalyst” of God’s whole plan even when Joseph knew nothing about it. He’s in prison confined and going about his duties as he always does but what’s happening behind the scenes? GOD MOVES! The FULNESS OF TIME for Joseph’s future “converges” with God’s time line and Earth’s time in a sequence of breath-taking events. I still hold my breath when I read this no matter how many times!!! It’s fascinating, exhilarating, remarkable and shocking as it all unfolds “speedily.” When it’s time, it’s time and nothing can stop it!

Joseph Becomes Ruler in Egypt

Chapter 41:1; “the catalyst” verse. “Now it happened at the end of two “FULL” years (that word is where I get “FULNESS OF TIME”) that Pharaoh dreamed that he was standing by the Nile River. Vs. 2-7 gives the dream he had in detail. He was so troubled by it that he summoned all of his magicians and wise men of Egypt for the interpretation, but alas; they couldn’t with all their sorceries, interpret his dreams (that’s because the devil in all his black arts, etc. is limited in knowledge and power) Amen! I could really go into something here but I’ll save it for another time. Anyway, here’s where the Chief Cup-bearer finally opens his mouth. See the “divine connection?” And we know what Joseph is doing; having a typical day still in prison but God was unfolding something new that he was about to see and experience, let’s continue…

In verse 10 of Chapter 41 the Chief Cup-bearer was remembering the dream interpretations that Joseph had given to him and the Chief Baker and how very accurate they were. (divine connection) And immediately Pharaoh had Joseph sent for. He didn’t waste any time. (because God doesn’t waste a precious second) Pharaoh’s servants hurriedly brought him out of the dungeon, Joseph shaved, changed his clothes and made himself presentable to Pharaoh. Can you imagine what was going through his mind? It says that Pharaoh got right to it and began to share about this dream he had and that he had heard that Joseph can understand and interpret dreams. Right away Joseph gave God the glory and told him it wasn’t in him to do so but God will give him a favorable answer through him. So from vs. 17-24 Pharaoh tells him the details of this dream he had while Joseph was listening. I bet his heart was about beating out of his chest by then and he was also listening to the Lord at the same time Pharaoh was talking……what a day! What a divine interruption this was! And I bet he heard the Lord so clearly that it might have even startled him in it’s clarity. And what’s so interesting is that at the end of sharing it he told Joseph that he had also told the magicians and soothsayers too but they couldn’t give the interpretation…..ha ha ha! And Joseph proceeds to give him the meaning of the dream in vs. 25-33. Right after this he tells Pharaoh what he should do; in other words, gave him the solution to it all….brilliant! which is of course God’s interpretation and answer. This was Joseph’s MOMENT, the COMPLETE FULNESS of the revelation of and the sum total of the “whys” in his life up till that time. I bet he was seeing things he had never seen before and his mind was whirling! By now he was about 30 yrs. old or so. The wisdom and the favor of God was all over Joseph–I wonder if he felt it?

In a synchronicity and precision that only God could orchestrate, God draws the threads of this impeccable timing together and Pharaoh gives Joseph the greatest position he could possibly have in his kingdom. He is so impressed also with his wisdom and so is everyone else around him, he says in vs. 38 to his servants, “Can we find a man like this (a man equal to Joseph) in whom is the divine Spirit of God?” and he said to Joseph, “since your God has shown you all this, there is no one as discerning and clear-headed and wise as you are.” He goes on and in verse 41 Pharaoh says; “See, I have set you in charge over all the land of Egypt.” Only in matters of his throne was Pharaoh greater than Joseph. Amazing!!! Like clockwork everything unfolds the way God means it to and he is given Pharaoh’s signet ring, which meant “authority.” and then he dressed him in Official Vestments of the Court, put a Gold chain around his neck and had him ride in his second chariot with runners going before him saying; “bow the knee!” Wow!!! This is so fascinating you just have to read it for yourself to get the details; Pharaoh also gave him a new name and the Daughter of one of the Egyptian priests as his wife. What a divine set-up!!! You just have to read “the rest of the story” as Paul Harvey would say….God had a great purpose and destiny for Joseph and it was to save many lives. He sent Joseph ahead of it all and used him to save Nations. He also restored his family back to him and saved them. He could have been bitter and ugly about it but he was not. Joseph loved his family, missed them and wanted their best; you just have to read it and see, ok? He was totally forgiving so God blessed him with many good years and God was given the glory!!!! That is the way it should be and the reason for the destiny in the first place.

Joseph in Egypt | Joseph in egypt, Bible heroes, Sons of jacob
Credit goes to Fellowship Bible Church

So how am I looking at this as far as my understanding? I have said it before; it’s not about me but the lesson or lessons I am picking up as I read this story, are not lost on me. In my faith walk I do a lot of listening and sometimes I think I do more listening than praying. If I am moving forward then usually I’m in a listening mode…my receiver is tuned into His voice and I’m also aware of His nuances, inflections, His “eye” upon me or I just “know” something. That’s me, and I believe that the Lord wanted me to look at this story with a more discerning eye, you might say. As I look back on my own life I can see a definite pattern He has been using for me. The neat thing is that it’s not the same pattern He uses for everyone; He tailors it uniquely to fit everybody’s person, personalities, bents, etc. and where one is at with Him in their own journey and walk. Only a believer in Christ would get it because only a believer in Christ can walk in newness of life. The Lord was using the story of Joseph to encourage me, especially in those time intervals where it’s the hardest. We all have those times where things “seemingly” just go on forever, don’t they? I could see that in Joseph’s life and so the more I read, the more encouragement I received that “God is faithful!” He will not let things go on forever nor forget me either and not fulfill His word to me, just like Joseph. And I know that too. It’s been years but I am not forgotten. His ways are definitely not my ways; they are far better!

In my sharing, I hope you were inspired also-to take another look at your own journey and be greatly encouraged!

And I would be remiss if I did not offer anyone out there in cyber-land an opportunity to make Jesus Christ Lord of your life and go on an adventure with Him to your own purpose and destiny that you were given before your birth. I am compelled to tell you that if you don’t know Him as your Savior He wants you to . Just call on Him; turn away from your sin which means repent, ask Him to come into your heart personally, and cleanse you from all unrighteousness and He will. Then ask Him to fill you with His precious Holy Spirit for the power to live this new life and give you new direction…..I’m telling you that He will. And let me know so I can encourage you. I have been walking with the Lord for over 40 yrs. I know what that walk looks like…but I don’t know everything and I am not the Holy Spirit. He will be the One you look to the most because He knows you the most and He knows you best.

One more picture; I hope to be back soon my fellow travelers! Till then…..

Joseph reveals his true identity to his brothers – and ...
Joseph reveals his true identity to his Brothers