Another Dream!

Credit goes to Yahoo pictures of roller skating

I went roller skating the other night in my dreams! Has this ever happened to you? I mean, in the dream I just decided to go roller skating….next thing I knew; I was there! I saw all these people out on the floor ahead of me and they were all men and women having a good time (there were no children) so this must have been an adult “skate night.” I noticed that nobody was pushing or shoving anyone else, all behaving orderly and civilly, smiling and laughing and having a really good time; they were also skating very well.

The floor was polished and bright and even though it looked slippery and I thought I might fall, I never did. I was on the floor too like I was a Pro! Wow! The floor was much like the picture below….

Credit goes to Yahoo pictures of roller skating again…..

Anyway, when I was growing up I did skate and I didn’t do too bad. I remember that I could even do a figure eight and skate backwards. It was the little kids though that used to wiz by me when I was just a beginner and I would just about fall over when they went by. I would also hug the wall until I got my bearings and then head out on the floor again…..funny….LOL! If you went skating I bet you can relate. And do you remember that sparkling ball over the rink that would spin and reflect color above the floor? That ball wasn’t in my dream. It was bright and sunny looking and roller rinks back then were relatively dark and I find that interesting. You should know that I haven’t been to a roller rink in years but it might be fun to go again; never know!

Looks like fun……credit again to Yahoo pictures of roller skating rinks


Well, in the dream I just kept skating and doing my thing. I just knew that I would catch up and I was going to enjoy myself and have fun while doing so. I was really out there and gliding along splendidly! I was getting ready to do a fancy step, knowing that I really could….and that’s when I woke up! 

I tell you, I was feeling the floor and the wonderful freedom of skating again. I really felt like I really went skating, even in my legs! It felt so exhilarating!!! I had this song in my mind too..”Well I got a brand new pair or roller skates, you got a brand new key” and I have been singing that song off and on in the back of my mind since. And the skates that I was wearing were white and brand new!

This makes me wonder if I really could, do ya think? Here’s another picture incentive….Mmmmmmm; maybe I really can!!!

LOL! I wouldn’t be out there alone though, it’s more fun when you are with someone, right? And they have to definitely be stronger than you to hold ya up……


Credit to Yahoo pictures of roller skating rinks for these pictures….

Or….how about this one?


Yes, more like it…..LOL! I’ll let ya know if and when I go try this out, catch ya later fellow travelers!



In Retrospect part III

My fellow travelers, welcome back….thanks for sticking with me for this last post. 

Now my last part to this is something one might find pleasant, others; not so much, and it’s the Spring cleaning one must do at this time of year. This is the best time because according to research we are sluggish and too sleepy in the Winter. Spring cleaning has also been a tradition since the days when soot from coal heating devices was clinging to everything in the houses our ancestors of the 1800’s were familiar with. I recall someone telling me as a child how people would empty their homes and put everything outside and proceed to beat their cushions, mattresses, old heavy drapes and hang out the bed sheets after the old fashioned washing out on the lines in the sun to keep them white. Anyone else remember stories like that? I probably would have loved it!

I’m one of those rare birds who doesn’t mind cleaning (except for refrigerators….LOL!) I don’t like stale, musty, crusty, old and withering stuff around me. It’s probably why I don’t care for antique things, they make me feel old! That is true! Here is where I rejoice! I love to dump the “old” stuff.

I am not a pac-rat nor am I a hoarder, and I love to open the windows and let the fresh air come in while I’m dumping the old; that’s just me. It’s a healthy catharsis to get rid of old stuff, one even feels lighter!

Here’s the thing and I’m leading to something….I think also that my Heavenly Father schedules His Spring cleaning. Holy Spirit points things out that need to go, right? This is that “inner man” stuff like wrong thinking, attitudes that produce wrong actions, etc. He knows that these things need to be purged because at some point they will hurt us or those around us or our fruit could be bitter, sour, or rotten. Of course in the process, this isn’t the only time the residue of the old sinful life is being dealt with because Holy Spirit is doing the work of the cross constantly, but we do have to yield to the process.

By now I just chose to submit to it because I know the fruit will be sweet and good and it’s called the peaceable fruit of righteousness. Hebrews 12:11 (KJV) it’s called discipline too and it’s really a good thing even if the process is painful to our flesh. It does build character. As a person who desires to represent Jesus well, I need to abide in Him. John 15: 4&5 says this; “Abide in Me and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself, except it abide in the vine; no more can ye, except ye abide in Me. I am the vine, ye are the branches: He that abideth in Me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without Me ye can do nothing.” (KJV)

I can say; “Look what the Lord has done!” I am not who I used to be by the Holy Spirits power and I give Him all the glory and praise for all the changes. This is Holy Ghost Spring cleaning!  I still have a long ways to go but I feel good about the learning. I can see that it’s a vibrant blooming relationship and I wouldn’t trade that for anything! I also want to be able to say like the Apostle Paul; “I am dead to the world and the world is dead to me.” I am alive in Christ!

Thanks for joining me on this one fellow travelers, I hope I didn’t lose you along the way! Till next post… more picture of a joyful lady!!!  Happy Blooming!!!


woman sitting on bench



In Retrospect II

Ok; I have to keep on going on this train of thought so I don’t lose it……thank you for your patience fellow travelers! (I see a typo on my part from my last post. I’m still relatively new to this so is there any way to fix it; those of you who are seasoned Bloggers? Thanks!!)  This warrants another picture to get started…

green cactus during daytime

I am ready for a new adventure on a new path in this journey; credit for this pic goes to Christoph von Gellhorn. 

The buds of “new beginnings” from a long Winter season are opening up to new possibilities. I’m excited for my future! The seeds of these new possibilities laid dormant. I’m reminded of this verse in John 12:24; “Verily verily I say unto you, except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die, it abideth alone: but if it die, it bringeth forth much fruit.” (KJV)

I believe that my Heavenly Father cultivated the seed that He planted in that hidden place. When I look back on it I think I did some dying in my Winter season, and it was a long one let me tell you! I’m now feeling hopeful though and inspired for this something new! Do you feel it too? There is something about this year that is different. I have heard some call it a new Era. It just feels like everything is blooming and in GA. the Magnolias are about to bloom and they are really something! Let me see if I can find a decent picture of one…


closeup photo of white petaled flower

Credit goes to Quino Al

I couldn’t find a tree picture good enough to use but this is the flower in bloom and it’s really big and smells divine. Of course you can do your own research for the tree and really get a concept of it yourself.

Another thing about Spring; everything does not bloom at the same time. Daffodils, Buttercups, Crocus, Field Daisies and Wild Flowers come up first along with the tree buds, then there are the Tulips, Irises, Wild Violets and Pansies that come out. Everything in its season, for our God is a God of order and as it is in the natural so it is in the realm of the Spirit.

Are you getting a picture of perhaps the growth in your soul? It should be encouraging to think of it like this….a beautiful thing! Our Lord also spoke of seed time and harvest so it must be important to Him. I want a great harvest, don’t you? Besides our Lord planting seeds, he teaches us that we also plant them and we do so “by our words.” In Proverbs 18:21; “Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it and indulge it will eat its fruit and bear the consequences of their words.” (AMP) Well, that says a lot doesn’t it, and it makes sense because if someone speaks to us don’t we want to hear up-lifting and encouraging words and even in being corrected, don’t we want to receive the truth but in a loving way? I do….I can feel my soul start to wilt if someone speaks nasty to me, even in their tone of voice so I do try and be careful myself that my words aren’t sharp, cutting, heavy, cryptic, sarcastic, etc. because I don’t like it myself and our Heavenly Father doesn’t like it because He sees that we are all family in Christ. He desires a family that is not quarreling and acting nasty towards one another. Thank God He allows us to grow, but He does expect us to grow in the power of the Holy Spirit that Jesus sent to us to help us do just that.

Ok; this is the end of Part II and I have one more thing that I’m going to share that hopefully will put a bow on it and make ya glad you stuck around for the last part…LOL! Of course I need one more picture, just because….

man and woman holding hands together with boy and girl looking at green trees during day

Credit to John-Mark Smith; aww, isn’t it sweet??????

Till my next post, enjoy!

In Retrospect

I wasn’t sure how I was going to write this time but….here goes; and this is in three parts because I have been doing a lot of thinking…..

First…….a picture, because pictures say so much!

woman wearing green spaghetti-strap shirt

Credit for this pic goes to Priscilla Du Preeze

We are still in the Spring season, in fact~early Spring. As it’s not that much past Easter I’m still thinking about Jesus’ resurrection; and to me that’s a correlation to this season, the Spring in ones soul when it first awakens to the new life within when one becomes “born again.” Can’t see it yet but everything becomes alive, fresh and new! Everything is going to change through processing this new life even if one is aware of it or not. This is just like the new first blades of grass or plants when they spring up from the ground. 

shadow field of field photography of grass field

Credit to Vectorbeast

Buds on the trees come forth putting out fragrant blossoms of something promising in Dogwoods, Cherry Blossoms, and Lilac. Those are just some of them that come out earlier as well as lawns and tendrils of Ivy that curl around everything. It’s so beautiful! I love the Morning Glorys opening up early in the morning and when I’m out walking they seem to be saying; “Hello”; “Good Morning!” to me.

In all of this I see the promise of new life everywhere. I can’t help but think of my awakened soul in the “promise” of my new season. Whether I’m brand new in my faith, been around the block a few times or I call myself “seasoned” it seems to me that no matter how long I’ve been in process that that opportunity of Spring always comes along. I’m grateful though that it does because I can begin again, no matter what stage or age, as the saying goes. So I’m thinking….in this season of RISING UP, this resurrection if you will; what am I going to do with it? I want to… for some reason this year to make the most of it! I’m feeling it!

Another picture will add to this contemplation… goes to Heather Ford and this looks yummy! And I’m going to pause right here…..for Part II is coming up!

white Rise Shine ceramic mug on brown table



He is my Inspiration!!!

This time of year, the Easter Season, I stop to remember the passion of my Savior. I read about His last supper with His disciples in Mark chapter 14 and wonder what it was like for Him to know what awaited Him up ahead and what it was like for them to hear His words of what lay ahead of Him….it didn’t register like it does with us. We can look back on it and maybe think; “Oh, I get it!” I wonder, would we? Based on what I know about our human nature, I don’t think so. When the Holy Supper  took place, did they understand what He was telling them? I think not….

I’ll tell ya why I don’t think so. We have history (His story) and we can look back and see from our vantage point, they had no such thing but they had been with Him for a little over three years…..they still didn’t know the plan of the Father. What a plan!!!! They looked with their human understanding, and that is not dissing them in any way. They did not in my opinion have their eyes of their understanding opened to the Truth. It takes a Holy Spirit revelation! Not right away….

 They had walked, talked, ate and kept company with the Son of Man/Son of God and even though I think they had occasional glimpses of who He was; they saw His miracles, they watched Him cast out demons, heal the sick and raise the dead-they heard Him open His mouth in Heavenly wisdom… they didn’t get it! To break it down even further;  personal… took years for me to “get it.” to really know who He really is and it came through “revelation of the Holy Spirit.

I had to be in His Word-the Holy Bible and I had to be hungry for Truth! I surmised that it wasn’t enough to know about Him, it wasn’t enough for me to admire Him; there had to be something REAL, He had to become my personal REALITY. This is where the “buck stopped” so to speak, in my personal life. I had gone to church, read the Bible all my life since I was ten years old….but “I didn’t know HIM as my personal Savior, not really.” I think I mentioned this before…what does a ten year old know about that reality? Something was missing in all those years and my life was a mess! Personal Savior meant what? I had to find out!!! He was in my heart but I didn’t know what that meant. 

There were a lot of factors that put me on this search for Truth and I just knew I would find it because He says in His word; “If you search for Me with all of your heart you will find Me!” My testimony…my story; if you will, is going to take me three books to write so I definitely don’t have time here. He also said; “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life! I knew that much, glory to God and I went on that little that I knew. I know by hearing other testimonies that that is all you need, just a little to start out on. I like to search things out….He is the Light!!!

Going back to the book of Mark, John the Baptist spoke of Him in the very first chapter quoting Isaiah and saying first; “This is the Good News about Jesus the Messiah, the Son of God” and from Isaiah;” Look, I am sending my messenger ahead of you, and he will prepare your way. He is a voice shouting in the wilderness, prepare the way for the Lord’s coming! Clear the road for Him!” He sure did prepare the way and he lost his head in the process literally. It wasn’t for nothing!

Fast forward to and through the many proofs that Jesus displayed up to the cross….so much I could say here but suffice it to say that the people could see by demonstration that the Kingdom of God is here! Everything He did was about His Father and the Kingdom….and it still is. 


gray cross near tall green trees

OH THE CROSS!!! It has never lost it’s power has it??? That place where He shed His sacred blood for me! Men may try and pull the crosses down but it happened, it took place for real and those who know Him; it’s in our hearts and that Truth can never be pulled down!!! Hallelujah!!! I rambled off a little of my story, but it isn’t about me. This time of year it’s about Him and His sacrifice, death and resurrection which we celebrate tomorrow!!! Whoo hoo! There is no other story like His! Who else would die for me, a sinner! (Ephesians 2:8 & 9) The word says; “Neither is there salvation in any other, for there is no other Name under Heaven given among men whereby we must be saved!” NO OTHER!!! (Acts 4:12) So that tells me, no other name will cut it!!! He also said He is the DOOR. (John 10; 2, 7 & 9). These are wonderful salvation words, the red thread of redemption puts us all at the foot of the cross, history pivots on the cross of Jesus Christ! This truth is so exciting, that He isn’t some fantasy! Yes….He is my inspiration!!!

Holy Bible under pink tulips

He is the center of my life right now. I wouldn’t trade Him for anything! Knowing Him not only as my Savior; but my Lord, Friend, King; His Majesty, being part of His Kingdom and being in a relationship with Him…..nothing on Earth surpasses that REALITY! He calls me Friend and I’m a Saint. I’m a Heavenian (citizen of Heaven; per Kat Kerr) Heaven is my eternal home and then the new Earth.

I invite you if you do not know Him as Savior; the way He says to come to Him….call on His Name, repent of your sins (meaning change your mind about the way you have been going) and receive Him as your Lord and Savior today! Do not put Him off another minute; tomorrow is not promised….that is just the truth….come to the foot of the cross and receive His life! He will not turn you away!

I’ll come back fellow travelers and share about the resurrection…..oh that’s powerful!!! Meanwhile, look to the cross; He is not there anymore, neither is He in the grave!

red neon light cross signage


assorted-color flower farm during daytime

Don’t ya just love it!!!! Oh, this is my favorite season; by the way this picture I give credit to Renee Fisher. She captured this just right didn’t she? Look at the color! This is so inspirational……

My fellow travelers, what does this picture make you want to do? Do ya want to go out there and take more pictures? Do you want to find a nice spot for a comfortable chair and put it where you can look up from a really good book and watch the bees fly to and fro gathering their nectar and pollinating all over the place? What about taking your own pictures, framing them and putting them up in your house? Don’t you just get a lot of ideas just looking at this? Oh yes, do you get a good in-toxicating whiff of sweetness?

I don’t know about you but I get so inspired in the Spring that I just can’t wait to do new things! Can you tell that I just got so pumped that I changed my background to my Blog? I just wanted change! I want to go out and get my own big bouquet of flowers and put them where I can really enjoy them…..I love God’s wonderful creation of flowers… are some more to enjoy!

purple-petaled flower field

Credit to Nicholas Doherty for this one. Crocuses I believe, correct me if I’m wrong please. 

Oh, just everything is turning green and I just can’t help but notice the different hues of those greens out there. And I wanna go walking just to enjoy it all so I plan on it this Tuesday with some friends, we’ll take it all in at the park nearby. The weather is getting nicer and nicer; I keep my window open now most of the time cause I even love the sounds of Spring. Have you noticed that the Seasons have different “sounds?” They really do!!!  Let’s see, what else can I put on here?

macro shot photography of flower field

Oh yes, and right now in the State of GA, the Tulips are popping!!! They are beautiful wherever one looks where they have been planted with such a variety of color, they are especially highlighted on a sunny day! I give credit for this shot to Justin Ha. It looks like he got his face right down there in those colors to take this one.

Now don’t you want to go out there and do your own exploring and even do your own photography-maybe you just might find a new hobbie to enjoy? What about starting your own flower garden if you don’t have one already? I would love to do that myself but I will when I get to my new destination in AZ. Do you want to know what my favorite flower is? My friends all know…’s a hint…..

green cactus with flowers

Credit to David Sola for this one; lovely! Yup; I LUV Cactus Flowers!!! Part of the reason is that I think our Creator had a sense of humor to put a “flower” on a Cactus, ya know; who would do that? A Cactus on its own just wouldn’t be what it is without the flower. They come in all sorts of colors too, not only white and if I remember right this is the blooming season for them all over the Desert. Oh I just can’t wait to get there in my own place; my garden will have a variety of Cactus and flowers. I also want to watch the Quail families run through my yard with their little heads bobbing with those crowns on… cute; and hear the Coyotes at night….but at a distance!  One more picture and we are done strolling through some gorgeous Spring foliage and getting some inspiration for our next project. Just share with me what inspired you and what are you going to do……maybe…..that you have never done before because you got inspired and hopefully encouraged to try something new?

common daisy flowers on grass field

Credit to Virginia Lackinger for this one…..nothing like a field of wild Daisies is there?

Ok; Spring is definitely here! Till next time…….enjoy the colors and the warm balmy air and finally having your window open in the cool of the evening!




My Acceleration Dream

I’m finally back; so let me share this dream I had with my fellow travelers. This was last week sometime but I don’t remember the exact day; just call it a March dream. Anyway, it was so different that I thought I would just remember it, and I did for the most part, but you know how it is…..when one just starts writing from memory little details have a way of squeezing through ones mind and popping out just when you need them; so here goes:

I was leaving here-Atlanta, and I was on the road out. There were not many cars on my side of the road but plenty on the left going into Atlanta. Anyway, for some reason I was being squeezed to practically a foot from the curb on my right (passenger side). The cars on the left were close to me but not enough to hit me and they were tight, bumper to bumper but nobody was yelling or honking at each other.

As I noticed that there were so many of them, this odd shaped green vehicle just came out of the line of cars and somebody on it had something like a leaf blower and aimed it right at me and exactly at my windshield and was blowing these yellow leaves so I couldn’t see! I was focused on not hitting the curb and the “all clear” area on the road right up ahead and still doing a steady clip on my speed because I was on my way, I was leaving and nothing was going to stop me-even if I had to find my way peeking through those yellow leaves that were hitting my windshield; so I kept on going>>>>>that odd vehicle was driving where a median should have been or usually is, and the road was maybe 3 lanes. Straight up ahead there were no cars at all; it was clear cruising. My dream ended there…..

I think for one thing that it is symbolic for I am not driving when I leave, I’m flying….to far to drive now plus I’m temporarily without wheels; anyway, I pay attention to dreams and pray and ask the Lord for His interpretation and not assume anything. I attempted to find an appropriate pic to go with this and this is the best I could do for the clear area up ahead and the direction I was traveling….West.


So I hope you get an idea of what I was seeing; something like this but greener and more of a low hill; well, really-how is one to find a picture of something in a dream? I call this acceleration because I was driving fast and I did not slow down……Oh, I need to say that this was the “all clear” part of that dream, I couldn’t find anything to show the bumper to bumper cars going in the opposite direction; but you smart people get it I’m sure.

Time to post this until next time…..coming up though because Spring is definitely here and I will be doing something on that in the next couple of days.