I really enjoyed this great post and I think it fits with my latest inspiration from the Scriptures in Hebrews concerning our faith walk in Christ! Great inspiration here!

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Those who seek the LORD lack no good thing – Psalm 34:10

The best feeling in the world is finally knowing you took a step in the right direction. A step towards the future where everything that you never thought possible is possible…These past six months has been nothing short of an ardous journey. This season has taught me waiting is worth it, fear is a mind game and God is always always near. I hope if there is anything you hear from me this day, is this. God is very very real. I would not be typing this to you if He wasn’t….

David was more than a nice theory. Because he had drawn near to the LORD as His good shepherd, he lacked nothing -Psalm 23. And he was so confident of God’s ongoing favor in his life that he proclaimed, ” Surely your goodness and love will…

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This Lesson In Faith…

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Continuing on…I remember a long time ago when I received this Scripture in Hebrews; Chapter 10 vs. 35, 36, 38 and 39. At that time I just put them on a shelf because I didn’t understand. Back then in the beginning of my walk with the Lord I didn’t ask questions, I didn’t know that I could. I was taught that I shouldn’t ask God questions; what foolish teaching was that! Anyway, I’m sure glad that I know the truth now. Let me go on in the Passion Translation which we did not have then and explains these verses so much better.

Vs. 35- So don’t lose your bold courageous faith, for you are destined for a great reward! (I wondered about that then) vs. 36- you need the strength of endurance to reveal the “poetry” of God’s will. (Isn’t that a beautiful way of putting it?) and then you receive the promise in full.  Vs. 38- And He also says; “My righteous ones will live from My faith.” Who’s faith? His! Here He is saying plainly “whose” faith this is. Then He says; “if fear holds them back, which is a spirit I believe and not the emotion of it….My soul is not content with them! But then the next vs. 39, says “but we are certainly not those who are held back by fear—that spirit—and perish.” We are among those who have “faith” and experience true life! Hallelujah!!!

This  is very encouraging, isn’t it? It’s refreshing to those of us who believe that Jesus is our Savior for we have called upon His Name and we have access to His faith—Amen! Boy, I love this and it’s so important to know this truth! Knowing this is such a relief from a striving, using our own wits/reasoning and ones own strength to have faith or muster it up; this doesn’t work because there is no power in our faith and it wanes when opposition comes-and it sure does. But His faith? Oh, it’s the faith that caused Him to see what was on the other side of the cross and even be joyful in the process; wow!!! It is really astounding if you think of it, really remarkable….and He was walking in the power of the Holy Spirit as a fore-runner for us….oh what love!!! Glory walking in a human form!!! This pleased God the Father and this is the way we also please Him. His joy was His strength! That doesn’t mean He did not feel the emotion of it; He sure did-most evident in the garden, but it did not stop Him from going forward in His Father’s plan—for us really and that is amazing. Let me go on to get to the crux of all I have been sharing with you my fellow travelers and friends…

So what does Chapter 11 have to say about FAITH? I love the Title of this chapter; THE POWER OF BOLD FAITH

It’s very interesting; this is what I see: 1) Faith becomes the foundation needed to acquire the things we long for & 2) Faith is all the evidence required to prove what is still unseen. I also see it as a testimony of God’s power to do… this brings me to “what” does faith do then; oh, a lot…

 It brings our hopes into reality

It empowers us to see the power of God’s words

 It moves people, inspires people to move, to do of His good pleasure

 It has the power to translate people to where God wants them

It can open ones heart to receive revelation from God

It motivates one to obedience and to step out in faith

It rests in the One who made the promise

It prompts

It enables one to chose God’s will in a situation

It’s a certainty; over ones experiences or the enemies lies

It enables one to hold on to a promise and stand firm

It stirs one to perform the feat necessary to thwart defeat

It opens the way God has to go through….

It pulls down walls

It provides a way to escape from destruction or avoid it altogether

And through “faiths” power kingdoms were conquered, true justice was established, those that went before us fastened unto their promises and pulled them into reality of their world, it shut the mouths of Lions, put out the power of fire, caused many to escape certain death, empowered people to make them strong, sparked courage to make them mighty warriors-and we can be too! It pulled armies of another realm into battle array and enabled others to endure great atrocities. Those are just a few things concerning faith and it’s fascinating!

Can you see why it’s sooooo important that we not only have it but we develop it? And how does it come? “Faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the word of God.” Romans 10:17. And we build ourselves up in our most holy faith by speaking in tongues, in the power of the Holy Spirit. This is in the book of Jude. In Matthew 17:20 this Scripture speaks of the power of the Mustard Seed.

My fellow travelers and friends, I hope this little trip into the value of our faith walk really encouraged and inspired you! There is so much more to this of course but this is where you plunge in yourself and find those treasures for your personal walk and relationship with the Lord. We go on from those elementary things to those deeper things of the Lord concerning our faith and knowing these truths makes such a solid foundation to grow on. And from believing, here is where we make our DECREES & DECLARATIONS boldly in the spirit realm; our atmospheres around us and it carries to completion that which is spoken because this is how it’s done. We are just like our Abba Father in doing these things because He spoke and it was done!

I could go on and on here but I think you get it; I pray for you, for the wisdom you need to see if there is any doubt or cloudiness or anything holding you back from taking the steps “you” need to take to get to where God wants you to go; to not be afraid but lean on and trust in with His faith to follow His path and where that takes you on your exciting journey with Him!

Till next time, here is a cheerful picture and reminder of what I just shared with you… goes to Phil Hearing for this one

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A Lesson In Faith

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It’s been a long time my fellow travelers! I really thought that I would have been writing a lot sooner than this.

As the title says; a lesson in faith but it’s no ordinary kind, it’s the God kind which leaves no room for doubt. What does this look like? What’s it supposed to look like? Those have been a couple of my questions ever since I got here. Here is where my sharing of my “faith” journey comes into play. Let me say this…it’s certainly not “my” faith! If I remember correctly, the late Brother Kenneth Hagin talked about the God kind of faith.  And later it was the ministry of Ken and Gloria Copeland and they still are.

I didn’t know or even suspect the kind of opposition I would be facing. I faced it before I left the area of Atlanta GA; the opposition in spiritual warfare to keep me from leaving and in my new position to take and occupy territory—wow!!! such warfare, such a fight to get to the city in Arizona I’m called to put down roots and stay…amen! I have been here since August 24th but I’m closer in the spirit and in the natural….but God, He is FAITHFUL!!! How could I be so blind and not see this? Well, I think I know the answer but it’s for another time to share this part.

So, it’s been real, just to be here in the State I’m called to. It’s why I haven’t blogged in a while; being engaged in this level of battle I didn’t expect. Now, what was I thinking? Being on the promised ground-literally for me has been full of twists and turns “unexpected.” In answering the question about “what” it looks like; to me it is contrary to what I was thinking….sometimes even on a subconscious level.  It’s a faith that is not only leading me “out” of something but “into” something. It’s requiring another level of TRUST. 

It’s becoming obvious to me that there are “levels” of trust. In the midst of all the unexpected I am learning some new things about the Lord and His way of doing things in my life and some, to my amazement, are not pleasant to my flesh at all! One would think I would know this by now…the stanza in the song “Amazing Grace” that goes like this; “through many dangers, toils and snares I have already come, twas grace that brought me safe thus far, and grace will lead me home.” I just kinda put my word to it; I use the word FAITH. So very true! Without “faith” I can’t even please Him! The word of God bears this out; in me (my Adamic state) dwells no good thing. It really says “no good thing.” So have I really believed this? Maybe not, maybe I thought that there was and at least I could do “some” things on my own (?) Not so…..I have needed the Precious Holy Spirit-the third Person of the Trinity God, every inch of the way, at every point, at every perplexity, etc. I have needed Him and I didn’t know it to the degree I know now…..glory! And, I have also needed my family and friends to stand with me—cover me in prayer—-so important on this leg of my journey! And they have been there for me, thank God….and I thank them for their support! (this is another thing I’m saving for later, how important their support is)

I rejoice in these Scriptures out of Psalms that He used and still is using to comfort and encourage me out of the Passion Translation. Chapter 92:5b & 6. Beautiful!!! and this is going to lead into my main subject…it reads:

Depths of purpose and layers of meaning saturate everything You do! Such amazing mysteries found within every miracle that nearly everyone seems to miss. Those with no discernment can never really discover the deep and glorious secrets hidden in Your ways. Amen! 

Isn’t that beautiful? And He is having me walk this out and find out what this means. Now here’s the “faith” thing and it’s so laced in the book of Hebrews. You must read it! Ask the Holy Spirit to give you new eyes to see; what faith is and what faith does and remember; this is the God kind of faith-it’s really His.

Ok, so grab your favorite cup of Java, Hot Chocolate or Tea, get comfy and do your homework….read the book of Hebrews and come back; just use your favorite translation and let’s share in Page 2…..coming up…….!!!


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sunlight pass through cactus during golden hour

My fellow travelers, I meant to get back here earlier but due to things that take place in everyday life I couldn’t make it till now. And isn’t this another beautiful picture; one of an Arizona sunset?

I’m thinking “threads” as I’m writing. I can see in my spirit many threads coming together to make this a beautiful tapestry of my life. I can’t see the “how” of it yet, but I do trust the plan. Looking up the word “threads” I see definitions; “to thread ones way as through a passage or between obstacles.” It also means; “to move in a thread-like course, wind or twine.” That is interesting. I like to look up words as they come to me, how about you? These seem to fit the way He moves in my life and it’s ok. Of course I don’t try to figure God out; that’s impossible, but I do want to learn in the process of the teaching. His word does say to be teachable. I do want to learn and in that learning I listen. When He is quiet I believe He is working behind the scenes to line things up or perhaps “thread” things together……mmmmmm! Just thinking. 

To go beyond the thinking part I am paying attention to the weather here; been in the three digits but going down to two next week. It’s raining on the West side of Phoenix a little bit but we certainly need more. My understanding is that in the last two months it has rained only four times; we are sadly in need of rain. On another subject, I had to borrow my Daughter’s clothes because I didn’t have any proper dudds to wear in this kind of heat, they are all packed up in boxes back in GA. and taped up to make this trip; which will be another; “How are you going to do that, God?” It won’t be in a way that I think….LOL!

Well, to call it a night and wrap this up….I am posting another kool picture.  It really is my intention to post more often, thanks for your patience my Friends!

silhouette of hills at golden hour

Credit goes to Robert Murray; nothing like an Arizona sunset is there? He took some fantastic pictures!!!!

Finally; I’m Back

green cactus plants under blue sky

 Apologies to my fellow travelers! But look at that picture….guess where I am? Finally……I’m here….in sunny, hot Arizona!!! Yay!!!

It took a while for me to prepare for this trip but finally things lined up right and I was blessed to the tune of a one way ticket and I get to visit my Daughter, my Brother and his family in Phoenix before I move to my final destination which is about 35 minutes from here; staying with my Daughter first for a couple of weeks.

It’s hot hot hot but it’s what is expected for this time of year. I prefer the dry heat though without the moisture as I feel just like a noodle when that happens.

But I’m here and this is just the beginning to a long awaited answer to prayer years ago, and I just don’t mean a couple of years but many. God is faithful! God is good! He has plans for me in this life and better than I would have for myself. I’m figuring I have at least 20 or 25 yrs. left on my clock and I expect “the BEST is saved for last!”

Isn’t it beautiful? Can you see why I just love it here? It’s “heaven on earth” to me. I just know that God has a Desert Oasis up there in my heavenly mansion with plenty of Cactus Flowers that will always be in bloom with plenty of color. Right here, right now though I will enjoy what He blesses me with in my favorite State. 

For now, I’m just giving ya’ll a heads-up that I am back and intend to do more blogging so… more picture and I will help ya catch up tomorrow….till then, enjoy another beautiful picture of the Valley of the Sun (Son); that’s what I call it…..


low angle photography of green cactus

Credit to Jake Weirick! Thank you Jake!

Sharing From the Book of Romans!

person holding yellow petaled flowers

Credit to this Photo goes to Artem Beliaikin

Ok;  Summer is here and so quickly…..and I’m in a contemplative mood and I just want to sit and think. It’s super hot outside except for when the Summer storms come through and then it does cool off a little. 

I was in the Word of God this morning and that does prompt me to want to share what I was reading so I will paste it from the book of Romans, Chapter 8.  I often just go through that book just to review where I have come from and in God’s grace where I am now. 

There is so much just in these passages and I spent some time reading and meditating on them. These Scriptures are written to the Church in Rome and to some that were unbelievers there that the Apostle Paul preached to and taught. They are loaded with great spiritual truths.

Sons and Daughters Destined for Glory

14 The mature children of God are those who are moved by the impulses of the Holy Spirit. 15 And you did not receive the “spirit of religious duty,” leading you back into the fear of never being good enough. But you have received the “Spirit of full acceptance,”enfolding you into the family of God. And you will never feel orphaned, for as he rises up within us, our spirits join him in saying the words of tender affection, “Beloved Father!” 16 For the Holy Spirit makes God’s fatherhood real to us as he whispers into our innermost being, “You are God’s beloved child!”17 And since we are his true children, we qualify to share all his treasures, for indeed, we are heirs of God himself. And since we are joined to Christ, we also inherit all that he is and all that he has. We will experience being co-glorified with him provided that we accept his sufferings as our own. (This is the Passion translation and I really love this one; it breaks it down to our 21st Century English)  It’s easier to understand, but I do believe one has to have the Holy Spirit within to receive the proper understanding of the Word of God or one can certainly misinterpret what you are reading.

Looking back and beginning with the word impulses I wanted to have a better understanding of what that meant so I looked it up. Impulses mean to influence, an inclination, prompting, impelled, inducing motion, impetus given, indicator(s), directive(s) or a flow of current in one direction; this is by the Holy Spirit of course.

He moves this way in my life and He has for years and to see it in definition this way makes sense to me now more than it did when I started to walk with God; in all earnestness and not in a sloppy way…anyway…it is how I hear Him. I have only heard Him twice audibly. Most of the time and through the years it’s by one or more of those impulses mentioned above.

Walking with God is progressive learning like a child learning to walk and I have experienced my heavenly Father’s great patience, understanding and gentleness in this process…; getting back to the word impulses and what that means to me.

I “hear” His voice. I’m often moved then by an indicator like in a sense or feel of something in my spirit, it’s not in my head because I wouldn’t know this naturally on my own and I’m not even thinking along those lines. In other words, I’m not even initiating this….are you with me so far?  As an example; when I knew that I was moving, I heard “warm and balmy” and it came with a sense of going somewhere and I would call that my directive and with an impetus given and it induced motion. I was not in a place of warm and balmy physically so I was thinking; “where could that be?” In the natural I thought of Hawaii; how nice! But I didn’t settle on that because I didn’t “know” what He was indicating exactly so I asked. In this particular instance He showed me GA; that is a State that is warm and balmy,  and He confirmed it more than once; like I would be hearing someone talk and they would mention the State of GA or I would be reading something and the State of GA would pop up or I would just see it in my spirit like an outline or something and one way or another I would just “know” that I heard correctly. To me it’s like the Holy Spirit “high-lights” something and in peace I just follow it.

It’s fascinating how He does this to bring one to the correct conclusion because it’s not figuring it out in the natural or in my mind. Once I know something though my mind just kind of locks unto it.  Once I’m in that place I am then given steps…one by one and I call it impelled and I start to flow like in a current in one direction and that is my destination point. I know where I’m going. It’s really an adventure with the Lord and how He moves; with me anyway. He is so personal and I also would say that I get “signs” along the way like “road signs” and I can relate to this the most because I grew up taking lots of road trips-short and long ones, and I “get it” for the most part. I learned how to read those “Rand McNally” maps!

 I would share also that when He shows me something it’s so important to just believe Him! He gives so much in the process and that’s very personal because He doesn’t see us like we are pressed out cookies all looking the same. We are each individuals and He works that in with the “dough” so to speak…LOL! We are uniquely made in His image and likeness and I think we need to be asking Him…well….”How does that truth look to Him in our individual person-hood?” And how can we cooperative with that? Does that make sense?

The most important factor is having that personal relationship with Him through Jesus Christ. There is no other way to enter into a glory with Him without the Son in this equation. God is not a force, a power in the collective universe, a feeling of well-being, an image to bow down to, or an emptiness one has to fill with “something.”  God is a Person who is a Spirit but He can only be known through His Son alone; no other way…..nobody went to the cross and shed His blood but His Son and nobody rose again from the dead but His Son Jesus!!! Glory to His Name!!! Jesus and Jesus alone is the One who made this personal relationship possible. I will never apologize for this, for this is the “Good News” of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He offers this relationship to “whosoever” will come! Whomever receives Him will be in the family of God! This is the truth and this is exciting…I will leave you my fellow travelers with this; read the Book of Romans if you have not done so. The Apostle Paul gives it straight right from the beginning and he wrote this book by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. I hope also that you were blessed and encouraged by this little study, till next time….and I may expound a little more….

An open book with a pen, and a cup of coffee.



Is It Summer Yet?

strawberry popsicles

Credit goes to Daniel Hjalmarsson

Can you believe that Spring is almost gone? What happened? I thought I would have soooooo much accomplished but “no” I really haven’t gotten to where I thought I would be! How about you, fellow travelers? Did you set out to have so much accomplished by now but haven’t reached your aim? I am surprised because I thought I would be so much further along….on my journey!

The year is half gone! What happened to the days? It is almost the first day of Summer!  One thing though; I love these Raspberry Dream Sickles! This is my favorite fruit and after that it is Strawberries. Oh, it is the Season for luscious fruits and yummy Ice Cream! I’m looking forward to that on hot Summer days and evenings!

Does anybody remember going to their favorite Ice Cream or Malt Shop? How about A & W Root Beer stands? Remember the trays clipped unto your drivers side window partly rolled up and the frosty glasses? Oh, I can just taste it now…..remembering the old fashioned Root Beer stand with 50,000 bugs hangin’ out by the lights and the zap! when they got fried? Do you remember the jug of Root Beer? ( I do and I suppose it dates me but who cares when you are past 50 and climbing!) And remember the Root Beer Floats? Looking at this picture, can you taste it?????? Makes me want to run out and get one; I gotta stock up! Too late tonight as it’s just about midnight…..tomorrow though!

Credit goes to Allie Smith

Oh, a little nostalgia this evening and on my 30th post! (I think it is anyway)  This is something to me and probably my shortest post for a while….LOL!

I remember Dad stopping at the stand on the way home from the late-night drive in; who remembers those? Anyway, he would get the jug and take it home so we could all have Root Beer Floats. Nobody wanted to go downstairs though and get the Ice Cream in the freezer in the creepy corner with spider webs behind it….ewwww! But, one of us would be practically forced to and if it was me I would hurry down and back up and feel creepy crawly all night afterwards, I probably still would because I don’t like critters. Those were the lazy Summer Days and the Firefly’s were out when we got home; usually a Friday night and we might go outside and try to catch them later or the next night.

green-leafed plant

Captured by Toan Phan

It’s kinda hard to capture those but I think he did a pretty good job!

Well, not long and Summer is here and I need to pick up some slack and get on with it! I will probably get more accomplished now and to the end of the year than in the beginning; don’t know why though??? I will have one more picture to get ya excited about what is coming and see ya on my next post, until then Happy remainder of Spring!

Oh ya!!! I wanna RIDE this year!!!!  Photo credit to Sergey Zhesterev on Unsplash!

LOL! Maybe this doesn’t excite you but it does me!!!